6 Popular Brainstorming Methods to Get Group Minds Active

Brainstorming helps us in concluding a critical problem by having a group discussion among people. There are several ways of brainstorming techniques, among which here we have described 6 effective brainstorming methods using which we can find a conclusion for many specific problems by gathering ideas of different people having different thoughts and opinions about the issue.

What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a process in which everyone involved in it has given an equal chance of free-thinking and generating their ideas about a specific problem without any restrictions.

It is one of the best-known techniques to solve creative problems. Because of group discussion, we get into a conclusion, which is a combination of benefits and weaknesses.

In other words, brainstorming is a technique in which a group of people attempts to find a solution to a specific problem by using their thoughts and ideas.

mind mapping for brainstorming

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Brainstorming helps in creating a better climate for teamwork. It enhances a better environment for building friendship and communication between people having different thoughts and ideas.

It prioritizes gathering as many ideas and information as possible, so in the end, we have a set of positive and negative impacts resolution for a particular problem.

6 Popular Brainstorming Methods

There are different types of brainstorming techniques, among which let us have a look into 6 Popular Brainstorming Methods.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a process of brainstorming which uses visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. It is an effective way to solve a problem as the visual representation consists of words, images, and colors.

Mind mapping helps to combine one or more types of significant thoughts and relationships. Here we start by writing down the goal or challenge and participants are asked to think about related issues. The ideas and thoughts are added to the map that can be visualized. Mind maps are a creative non –linear diagram used to capture all ideas so that nothing is missed from the discussion.

mind mapping

The starbursting is a form of brainstorming in which we focus on generating questions for the problem defined rather than discussing for the answer. The question session goes in an iterative way forming different layers of issues that can be retrieved from the problem statement. As shown in the below picture, questions can be asked in different ways using different Wh words mentioned as different parts of starts. For application developers, whether to create a new app or not, we can get the conclusion of the problem using the starbursting technique.

starbursting diagram

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Gap filling

The gap-filling process of brainstorming helps in filling the gap between the current state and the expected state. The process starts with writing the current statement, which says, where you are? and it ends with writing the expected statement, which says, where you want to be?

Then the discussion happens for filling the gap between these two statements, which results in providing a list of solutions from different criteria. At last, we are left with a wide range of answers from various participants of the process. By organizing those answers, we can get the best solution out of the listed solutions for the co-responding problem.

Reverse brainstorming

In general, brainstorming says the participants to discuss how to solve the problems. But as the name suggests reverse brainstorming asks the participants to come up with great ways to cause the problem. Rather than discussing how to resolve the issue here, we discuss how could we cause the issue. Once we have a list of causes creating problems it becomes easy to solve them. Reverse brainstorming trust in getting the cause of the problem first rather than discussing the solution of the problem from a different point of view.

reverse brainstorming

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Round robin brainstorming

As the name says, this process of brainstorming gives an opportunity or a chance to get involved in the discussion for finding the solution to the current problem by contributing their ideas and thought. Other team members also get equal opportunities to put across their parts of ideas without being influenced by others.

In this process, all team members get together around a table, and the facilitator explains the problem. Then all individuals are allowed to think creatively and represent their ideas without getting influenced by other’s thoughts.

round robin brainstorming

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Stepladder Technique

Before the brainstorming, the problem will be explained to all the members. Then, all the members are given sufficient time to think about the issue and what can be done to get the best solution.

Next, a core group of two members is created who starts discussing the problem, and the third member is added at the later stage of discussion. After the third member lays out the solutions and ideas, the fourth member is added to the group and so on. At last, we reach the final decision only after all members have added to the group and presented their ideas.

stepladder technique

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Mind Mapping Software with Brainstorming

MindMaster is one of the best software, which can be used for brainstorming function. Click on this link to navigate to MindMaster(https://www.mindmaster.io/). 

For creating a mind map through MindMaster, keep the goal or the main topic on the center and start creating branches from it, which describes the sub-topics or the related ideas.

Once you are done with the edit section you can export the slides to your local desktop in editable ppt or pdf format.

mindmaster brainstorm

With MindMaster, you get the stunning presentation of the slides, which helps in group brainstorming and collaboration as well as in project management.

It is beneficial for planning projects as the mind master’s built-inn Gantt chat feature enables you to turn mind maps into detail Gantt chat in one click.

It becomes easy to perform brainstorming function through MindMaster as it has software/apps for PC, WEB as well as for Mobile. MindMaster has the functions of brainstorming in both of its desktop version and online version.

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