MindManager vs MindMaster

MindManager is a comprehensive tool for PC users. But enjoy the pleasure of an excellent cross-platform mind mapping tool for MindMaster.

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Keep Same Features in Different Operating Systems

MindManager makes different prices for its Windows and Mac software, and there are distinct differences in the features. Neither Mac users can enjoy the full experience, nor Linux users can have chances to use MindManager. MindMaster offers a complete and intuitive user experience, so you can start your mind map in different operating systems to your liking.

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Lower Price but More Advanced Features

For MindMaster and MindManager, you can pay once and get perpetual licenses. However, MindManager is more expensive and has less advanced features than MindMaster. In addition, lifetime users of MindMaster are allowed to make mind maps on the desktops and webs anytime and anywhere. Still, they can experience all the features even if they are Mac or Linux users.

Only 30-Day Trial VS Permanent Free Trial

MindManager is a commercial application and only gives users a 30-day free trial. You can test whether MindManager is suitable and can satisfy your needs. Then you have to pay the price of the application for getting a perpetual license. By contrast, you can use MindMaster for free until you want to try some advanced features. When you get a perpetual license, you can install MindMaster on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems as you like.

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Familiar Menu Structure to Quickly Find Features

MindMaster has an intuitive and easy-to-find interface so that users can find advanced features in seconds. Thus, when you first open MindMaster, you will know how to use it even without user tutorials. MindManager is more complicated and has a learning curve for getting familiar with its menu structures.

Your Ultimate Mind Mapping Tool

Enjoy making mind maps and brainstorming with this productive tool. Collaborate with your team anytime and anywhere. Try it for free today!