Immigration to the USA

Immigration to the US
Notion(s) ?
Myths & Heroes
they take risks
the trip is hazardous
they can die
they send money > they sacrifice their wages
they live/work in extreme conditions
they sacrifice their lives
they face racism & hardships
Spaces & exchanges
drug trafficking
an exchange of cultures : the US culture // the Hispanic culture
they participate to the economy
The Idea of Progress
regression : the US close their borders
regression : the US policiy of immigration today ?
Can we consider immigrants as heroes ?
doc 1 : Dulce Pinzon
doc 2 : Obama's speech
doc 3 : Jose Vargas
Is immigration a good thing for the USA ?
Is the USA still a welcoming country ?
Do the immigrants play an important role in the US economy ?
Has immigration a beneficial role on the US economy ?
Could we consider immigrants as heroes or burdens ?
Should America accept the immigrants ?
Barack Obama's speech in 2013 (Reform on immigration)
An immigrant family in the US / The American dream
4U2LEARN : News on Central American migrants
4U2LEARN : Underprivileged
4U2LEARN : Immigrant students in the USA
Article posted on Dulce Pinzon's website
Comment posted on Dulce Pinzon's website
Poem by Emma Lazarus (on the Statue of Liberty)
Article by Jose Antonio Vargas : "I am un undocumented immigrant"
Short article (the "caravan")
Article headline about Donald Trump's position on immigrants' arrival to the US
3 articles on the role of immigrants in the US economy
3 pictures of South American superheroes on D. Pinzon's website
photo of an immigrant family on Ellis Island
graph showing the evolution of immigration from the 19th century to today
the caravan : photo + map
what you are obliged to do as an immigrant
what immigrants dream of
what they are not allowed to do
what they are not able to do
their feelings