advance Kaeirean trade interests
Recently, Kaeir has allowed its trade interests to decline, causing considerable anger amongst the merchant houses
establish autonomous trade enclaves
Current enclaves are in the Sedonian capital and Jabuar. Kaeir is entitled to build a trade enclave in Sarunor when it is rebuilt.
a trade fleet that survived the Demon War, currently anchored at Jall.
trade interests on the west coast,
ensuring the success of the Sarunor League
sees three big threats - Sedonia, Mir, and the Kivirkahl empire
potential friend in the former enemy Rhudyn
spread Millatism
re-establish the Council of Masters
supports the election of a new Millati pope
Key Elements
Princess Siannongilria, wife of Lord-Consul Avan
sister of the Saranardavaer King, Lonnbeichnechonri
daughter of the last Emperor of Rian a'Ardavaereand, Lughwynri
Osrica van Lorpsaan, son of Lord-Consul Avan
Basileus van Lorpsaan Nachtshutzmeister (Grandmaster of the Nightguard).
Lady Taelhaxxa von Nachtwanderer, Head of the the Shadowguard
Right-hand 'man' of the Lord-Consul. Loyal to the death.
Lord Karolus van Murhanuddin, the Director-General of the KIS.
The Green Lady - the landspirit of Kaeir
Her territory, or body, is the area thought of as Kaeir - the four province of Celtehar, Celtelathe, Tirmaeir and Saltrim
Wherever Kaeireans think of as Kaeir. Should 'Kaeir' expand any further though, she will be overtaxed and lose consciousness
Head of State: Avan van Lorpsaan van Nachtwanderer, Eternal Consul and Consort of the Green Lady
Head of Government: Chancellor Erik van Wansaan Statsraat - Council of State
Republikanischenversammlung - Republican Assembly
Celtehar Island Province
Regional Trade Center
City of a 1000 Temples
Celtelathe Island Province
Provincial Capital
Principal Naval Arsenal
Home of Ka'shari Clan, the Van Kahshaar
Timmaeir Province
Religious Center
Minor Naval Arsenal
Saltrim Province
Provincial Capital
Principal Naval Arsenal
The Kaeiro-Wyrtal Alliance
Secret treaty with Sarunor League
Personal alliance between Lord-Consul Avan and the Saranardavaer King
Independence Guarantee for Republic of Rimriverton
Peace treaty with Milakanur
Peace treaty with Maripai
Kaeir can build Trade Enclaves
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Domestic Affairs
Ministry of Justice
State Religion: Millatism (majority religion)
State Church: Kaeiro-Millati Church
Head of Church: Keeper of the Holy Tower of the South
Non-State Religion: Green Cult (traditional religion)
General Staff - Kaeirean High Command
Republican Guard - Standing Professional Army
Tirmaeiri Rangers - Standing Professional Cavalry
Office of the Admiralty - Fleet High Command (part of General Staff)
Republican Fleet
Saerligentur (Special Directorate)
Secret police loyal only to the Consul, responsible for special/critical matters
Sub-branch of Schattenshutz (Shadowguard)
Exempt from oversight by both Council of State and Republican Assembly
Answerable only to Lord-Consul. Secret inner-branch of the Shadowguard
Kaeirischennachrichtendienst (Kaeirean Intelligence Service or KIS)
responsible for general (and international?) intelligence matters
domestic intelligence (usually treason)
Republican Constabulary
domestic police service and officer corps for army reserve
Green College
Autonomous Magical College within the University of Neutirmaeir
Schattenshutz (Shadowguard)
Inner circle of the Nightguard, and the loyal-to-the-death personal bodyguard of the Consul
Essentially a separate order to the Nightguard, as their loyalty is only to the Consul, not the Millati religion
Night Guard
Kaeirean breakaway branch of the Brotherhood of the Night
the militant warrior-sorcerer order devoted to Millati magic and demonhunting.