Arizona is apart of the four corners.
Arizona's eastern corner connects with one corner of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico
It's southern border connects with Mexico.
The Arizona walnut can grow up to 50feet high.
Arizonas State Flower is the Saguaro Flower
Has Barrel Cactus or the Fish Hook Cactus and the Occotilo cactus A.K.A The Candlewood
Grand Canyon
Is one of the 7 wonders of the world
widest point 18 miles across deepest point 1,829 miles.
Has more than 1,500 rare plants
Ancient Tribes
The Anasazi are called the Clif Dwellers.
Batween the 1300's and 13500's The Navajo and the Apache Tribes came to the area from Canada.
The Anasazi built their homes at the edge of the Cliffs.
Copper is a top industrie they make wires,pipes and computer chips
People who were looking for gold moved there in the 1800's
There state is also known for their Lighting shows during monsoon season.
Has Cattle,Cotton,and Citrus
Farmers went to Arizona when irragation was good.
Arizona farmers grow lettuce,vegetables,and citrus fruits.
Weather and Climate
Temperature sometimes rises more than 100 degreees F in April
Arizona is known for the sun.
Arizona is also known for thier ice hockey team.
State bird is Cactus Wren
The Endangered Peregrin Falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world.
Great Horned Owl has an approximatley18-27 in. tall and wingspan of 40-60in.
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