Agile Coach Roles

Agile Coach Roles
As Mentor
As Facilitator
As Problem Solver
As Teacher
Selected Statements
person is more important than formula
who made commitment will deliver it
always have a agenda , always adjust it on fly when needed
your job : to help each team member to take his next step in agile journey
your job: to help product owners to identify and really give priority for items of top business value
Teaching roles of agile coach and product owner are very important to avoid lot of conflicts
as coach in dealing with product owner (and i believe with all roles ): teach her , coach her , expect her playing the role, let the role fail (if not played ), help him learn from fail , recover together, become stronger
Facilitation : this is their meeting not mine
Having 30 things done yields more value than having 50 things in progress
this is one of my core values in life
/Product owners says "What" ,Team says "How? " and "How much? "
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