Finding Cash Buyers

Finding Cash Buyers
Advertise On-Line
Partner with Other Wholesalers
Send Letters To Recent Cash Buyers
Call Local Realtors
Call Landlords of Nearby Rental Properties
Go To Your Local REIA Groups
Misc Notes
- Craigslist
- Backpage
- Bigger Pockets
- Zillow? - Advertise properties that you currently own
- Newspaper Classifieds?
- Ebay Classifieds
- Facebook Buy / Sell / Trade Groups
- FB ads (costs money)...
- Sign in the yard
- More than one sign in the yard
- Bandit signs in the neighborhood
Investor Special / $30k / Cash Only / Phone - handwritten
- Send it out to all the wholesalers that you know
- Look in Craigslist for other investors that are advertising properties
- Ask them if they would like to partner with you on the deal
- Split the profits 50/50
- Find who purchased properties in the last 6 months in the area
- Send them a "motivated seller" yellow letter
- Crumple it up, fold it back
- Send it in a handwritten envelope with two stamps
- Send letters to people who are buying in other states
- Cash Buyer's Voice Mail Script
- Find Realtors who recently sold properties in that area
- Ask them if they would think that their previous clients would be looking for another property
- You can tell them to add their commission to the price
- Look on Craigslist
- Zillow rentals
- Look at
- Don't forget to network with Property Managers
- Network, network, network
- Flap your lips
- Put flyers on the windshields of cars before the event ends
- Don't rely on the website & rely on email blasts
- Get on the phone
- Build relationships
- You will sell most of your deals with a phone call or text
- Always be building your buyer's list