Perry's Define the Problem

Perry's Define the Problem
Consider the decision you are facing and state the issue clearly. Is it important enough to warrant using DECIDE?
The problem is that you broke your friend's iPhone and they'll get mad
Explore the Alternatives
Make a list of possible alternatives for solving your problem.
1. Buy a new iPhone and make sure everything is back to normal
2. Tell him you are so sorry and you'll make it up to him
Consider the Consequences
What probably would happen to the first one is that he'd get slightly mad and it would probably be ok if it is possible to backup his data and put it on the new phone however I don't think saying sorry will cut it.
Identify Your Values
You want to repay him in a way because he's a friend. Friends to me are very important.
Decide and Act
I think buying him a new phone would work. I could get him a new phone and he could reinsert his information etc.
Evaluate the Results
My decision worked but I had to spend my own money to get him a new phone, it had an effect on my life because I learnt that you should be extra careful when you borrow something from a friend. If I did it again, I would be super careful.