The Art of Sign Language for Babies, Boobs and Bobs

The Art of Sign Language:
for Babies, Boobs and Bobs
TEDxAmsterdam 2012
Lissa Zeviar
Professional sign language interpreter
You should learn sign language
Life span of 1 person. How can sign
language improve your live
A combination of sign language
and spoken language is great
Sign language, it's poetry and emotion
Last big point
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- Lissa Zeviar
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- "sign language is poetry in motion" says Lissa
Zeviar now at #tedxams @gebarenpret
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- "French is the language of Love. Sign language
is the language of Storytelling." beautiful quote
by Lissa Zeviar @BabygebarenEU #TedxAms
- be taught as a baby
- And at elementary school
- I was raised to deaf parents
- enriched my life
- started signing when i was 8 months old
- Technically started speaking
earlier than other children
- Children already sign
- you just have to take it one step further
- What if you where raised with sign language
- With signs you would've been able to tell
your parents what you wanted sooner
- See more about the example video here
- Sometimes using both at the same time is the best option
- You can be much more clear
- French is language of love
- sign language is language of story telling
- View an example here
- You can use it everywhere, anyday
- In film industry on set you have to be quiet
- Use sign language when spoken
language would prove disruptive
- happens way more than you think
- every country has a deaf community
- Learn it to a young child
- and use it in your daily life
- it comes full circle
- grandpa can talk to his young
grandchild using sign language
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