Community - The Structure of Belonging

Community: The Structure of Belonging
1. Overall Premise
- Build the social fabric and transform the
isolation within our communities into
connectedness and caring for the whole
- Shift our conversations from the problems of
community to the possibility of community.
- Commit to create a future distinct from the past
2. Operating Guidelines
3. The Power of the Small Group
4. The context for a restorative community
5. Questions are more transforming than answers
6. The Questions
7. The Invitation
8. The Inversion of Cause and Accountability
9. The conversations
10. Designing physical space that supports community.
11. Leadership and Transformation
- Leadership that engages citizens is a capacity
that exists in all human beings. It is infinitely
and universally available.
- Transformation occurs when leaders focus on
the structure of how we gather and the context
in which the gatherings take place.
- Leadership is convening and
held to three tasks;
- Shift the context within which
people gather.
- Name the debate through
powerful questions.
- Listen rather than advocate,
defend, or provide answers.