Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques
1. Know Thy Time
2. Identify your Quadrant 2 Activities
3. Blocks of Time
4. Plan Ahead
5. Eat that Frog
6. Email is your slave not Master
- Why?
- If you have no idea where it is
going, you can not improve it
- The 1st step towards executive
effectiveness is to record actual time-use
- You can not be productive
without measurement
- How?
- Android/iphone App - Eternity
- Most Valuable Activities
- 3 Most Important Activities
that add greatest values
- Key Result Areas
- Why?
- To have small dribs and drabs of time @ his
disposal will not be sufficient even if the total is
an impressive number of hours. - Peter
- To be effective, EVERY knowledge worker needs
to be able to dispose of time in fairly large
chunks. - Peter Drucker
- Switch Tasking is EXPENSIVE
- What?
- Blocks of time, blocked in advance
- How To?
- Create Large Chunks of time for
important work
- Consolidate your small pieces
of time into large chunks.
- Non-Interruptible Appointment with
yourself - just like a meeting with your
- Using a countdown timer
- WHY?
- Without an Action Plan, the executive
becomes a prisoner of Events. - Peter
- Spending 10 minutes on planning can save you
up to 2 hours every day. 10x Returns on time
- By reducing unscheduled time and
unplanned activity, you automatically reduce
- What?
- Plan the Day, Week, Month,
Quarter, Year, Decade
- How?
- Daily Planning
- 0. DO it the night before
- 1. Write down the list of things
you want to accomplish
- 2. Prioritize them
- 3. Schedule them in your
calendar - as appointments with
- Plan the important, but not
the URGENT activities first.
- Why?
- Things which matter most must never be at
the mercy of things that matter least -
- Focus your BEST energy on MVAs
in order to produce the greatest
- Endorphins
- The completion of an important task
triggers release of endorphins in your
- Natural High; you feel more
positive, confident, personable
- What?
- What's a Frog?
- The most important task
- Possibly the one you are most
likely to procrastinate on
- It can have the greatest positive
impact on your results
- How?
- Rules
- Eat the ugliest frog first
- Ugliest = Biggest, Most
Important, Hardest Task
- Select the most important task
- Do it first. Do it well
- Resist the temptation to start with the
easier task - for example, checking
- Procrastinate lower-value activities
- Deliberately procrastinate on tasks of low value
so that you have more time for tasks that can
make a big difference in your work and life
- Don't check it. Process it
- Schedule Times for it in your calendar
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