Access to Health Care

Access to Health Care is a basic human right. What approach should be taken to address the challenges of achieving this?
Raise Taxes
- Political- Government can ensure they
have a good quality of healthcare.
- Economical- It lowers the disposable income
of citizens, and lowers the consumer
expenditures of the general populace,
which hurts businesses and the overall
economy. - This is particularly true in the
case of so-called "luxury" goods, such as
high-priced cars, jewelry, and other such
Increase in technology and IT
used/ use of personal data online.
- Technological- Instant access to personal
health records online – inspired by the ‘blue
button’ app in the US, the new NHS.UK site
will also enable patients to securely download
their personal health records, giving them
instant access to important healthcare
information, such as prescriptions and test
- Economical- These services will cost the
government a lot of money to purchase
and maintain.
- Sociological- a lot of older people with
health problems may not be able to adapt to
the new healthcare system and will go to the
doctors anyway.
Privatise all healthcare
- Economical- More competition means lower
prices, encourages development of new
products and better quality service
- Social- Improved Facilities
Unfortunately, because the public system is
funded with government money it does not
have access to as much funds as the private
sector one do. This means that public
hospitals and health care facilities are often
overcrowded, and lacking certain comfort
amenities. Private health care facilities, on the
other hand, are usually well maintained.
- Economical- A monopoly could occur
- Sociological- Massive amount of the
population are against privatisation.
- Economical- Private Health Insurance Costs
More than Public Health Insurance
While the US government might be saving a
marginal amount of money by having a private
healthcare system instead of a public one; there
is no doubt that American citizens are paying a
lot more money to get a decent level of private
healthcare coverage than they would be
required to pay in a public system.