Student Workshop (RO)
What did they learn in the end?
Content-related level
First experiences with Design processes and its complexity (in the end every group a completely different design) → My challenge: How to give constructive feedback? Appropriate for beginners!
-First approach to get to know permaculture in a land and social based context (decision making, social structures (school, dead), land-based (compost toilet, green building, biotope, Terra Preta, growing food)
Social level
Especially through the experiences in the festival they learned
Breaking down clichees through experiences and be yourself
Positive Picture of being together and how everybody is accepted and strives to fulfill oneself
What really sticks in their mind?
Festival in the evening
Circle Dance
Community as a positive experience
Design exercise
What did the pupil touch most of all?
That there are places on the earth where people try to conscious live in unity
-How children are integrated to the community
How did they learn well?
Listening (to experiences → Declan, me and other people)
On the festival through concrete experience and conversations with Lebensgärtner (provided questions)
Dancing (nothing is embarrassing)
Groupwork (three people is good number!)
Do it yourself! Designing and thinking about possibilities!
Asking questions
Exchange experiences and stories
Talking circles
They learned through
Listening (hear)
Taste (herb meals)
See (getting to know the community)
concrete experience (festival etc.)
What kind of work did we do?
Groupwork (three students)
Single person brainstorming
Talking circles
What was not well received?
My printed out design methods
Only one person talking