Macroproceso Produccion

Macroproceso Producción
1) Business Planning, Evaluation and Improvement
Business Strategic Planning
Development and Evaluation of Improvement and Innovation projects
Budget Management
Coordinate the Processes Management
Manage Supplies
Work Contracts Managment
Manage Services Contract
Manage Materials in Storage
Evaluate Performance and Generate Reports
2) Operations Programming, Control and Optimization
Production Programming and Commercial Link
Production Planning and Daily Control
Processes and Operations Optimization
Elaboration of a Matter and Energy Balance
Operative costs
Analysis and Improvement of Measurement and Operative Control
Analysis and Improvement of Chemical Control
Analyze and Evaluate Information
3) Production in Business Units
Intercompanies Transaction Opening
Intercompanies Transactions Closing
Generation of auxiliary services
Sweetening Gas and Condensated, and Sulphur Recovery
Recover Liquidated Products and Residual Gas Production
Confirmation of Planning and Production Daily Control
Transfer of Products and Movement of Materials
Analyze Information and Make Reports