Capstone Phase Timeline for Projects

Capstone Phase Timeline for Projects
December 2017
Submit OP2 Greenhouse project
Peer review OP2
Pro review my OP2
Connect with advisor for OP3
Work on OP3 Workshops series
January 2018
Submit OP3 Workshops series
Work on Mid-Year presentation
Peer review OP3
Pro review OP3
Attend nature therapy workshops and lectures
February 2018
Present Mid-Year presentation
Work on OP4 Nature Therapy
March 2018
Submit OP4 Nature Therapy
Peer review for OP4
Pro-review OP4
Work on OP5 Learning review and End of Year Presentation
April 2018
Present End of Year Presentation
Internal Review
Wrap up Learning Cycle with Gaia U
May 2018
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