STORIES THAT STICK - How Storytelling Can Captivate Customers Influence Audiences and Transform Your Business

How Storytelling Can Captivate Customers, Influence Audiences, and Transform Your Business
1. The irresistible power of stories
2. The four essential stories
3. How to create a highly engaging story
The goal of every business is to profitably deliver value to its customers. To achieve that, you have to get your product or service from point A (your business) to point B (your customer). That's it. To make your business work, you have to bridge that gap – and the best way to build a bridge always has been to tell an engaging story.
Value Story
Founder Story
Purpose Story
Customer Story
What is the value of the solution you offer, and why is that so important to the customer?
What inspired you (or someone else) to start the company – what wrong were you trying to right?
What inspires the people in your organization to show up every day – what you want to accomplish together?
What specific value have your products or services delivered to customers thus far?
There are four key stories that appear over and over again in business. No matter what the gap is, one of these stories will build the bridge you need.
To tell these four stories well, you have to get very good at finding, crafting, and then telling these stories in an authentic way. Use the right framework and the best tried-and-true techniques to make this job as easy as possible.
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