SUPERFANS - The Easy Way to Stand Out Grow Your Tribe And Build a Successful Business

The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business
Casual customers
Active customers
Connected customers
Your casual audience is the largest segment of your customer base. These are people who buy your product or service at least once because of the value you provide. Your goal with this group is to create a trigger which signals they are in the right place, that there's something special for them, and that they should become part of your active audience – so casuals come back and do more business in the future.
Your active audience know who you are and what you offer. Every time you create something new, they pause and make a decision whether or not to buy. They like your stuff – which is a great start – but they need convincing to act. Your goal with your active audience is to help them become part of your connected community.
Customers in your connected community hear from you regularly and also have conversations with each other. Community members start identifying with your mission, and generate the bulk of your comments, feedback, and survey results. These people love what you're doing, and will validate new ideas which will help your business excel and grow. Your goal with your connected community is to fan the flames of their interest so they voluntarily make the transition to superfans.
The name of the game in business today is to create "superfans" – highly engaged customers who will go out of their way to buy and use everything you create. If you can create a tribe of superfans around the world, you future-proof your business.
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