Understanding the problem
Planning (previously making decisions)
Feasibility Study
Operational/ Organisational
Financial/ Economic
Technical/ Expertise
Choosing a Suolution
Iff all things are equal then it would be hard to justify a more expensive sytem
getting a system operating quickly can be important but not at the cost of other outcomes
Staff Expertise
A system that can use existing staff is preferable.
Testing, Evaluating and Maintaining
Decision Tree and Table
An organisation intends to pay a bonus to some of its employees. To be eligible for
the bonus, an employee must have worked for the organisation for at least two
years. Managers get $700 and other employees get $500. Construct a decision tree
and a decision table to clarify this process
Context and DataFlow Diagram
A study system is a process to improve HSC results. Students decide the subjects to
be studied and the amount of time required. The study system produces the
knowledge and understanding needed for the HSC examination. Construct a
context diagram for the study system.
Desicion Tree and Table
A shoe store offers a discount on the number of shoes purchased by the customer.
If customers buy one pair of shoes, they receive no discount; two or three pairs of
shoes, they receive a discount of 10%; and more than three pairs of shoes, a
discount of 15%. In addition, if their purchases are greater than three pairs of
shoes and exceed $200, they receive a further discount of 5% (for a total discount
of 20%). Construct a decision tree and a decision table to clarify this process.
Read 'A minor disagreement' from Jacaranda textbook on page 20 and answer the Data Dictionaries questions
Designing Solutions
Context Diagrams
Show where data enters and leaves the information system. The entire system is represented by a single symbol. A very simplistic view.
Dataflow Diagrams
Are an expansion of context diagrams.
Decision Trees
Graphical representation of showing the decision making process
Decision Tables
Similear to a Desicion Tree but not graphical. Less user friendly
Data Dictionaries
A detailed description of all data in a system, important that is is accurate and relevant when moving data between systems
Design tools