The kids brought back the money from
the poor.
The kids accomplished Jose Angelico's goal.
The kids are happy now.
So many people in Mexico are suffering
through poverty.
Raphael, Gardo, and Rat never gave up on
Jose Angelico's wallet, nor did they give up
on finding the money that Jose Angelico had
There are lies going all over. The kids lied
about the wallet, the letter, and everything
else that is happening with them.
In the movie, there was a part that Raphael
could've shot and killed the police who were
always cruel to them, but he didn't. Raphael
seems like he know what is right and what is
wrong. He knows that more revenges will
stop the peace.
Governments, especially Zapanta, are stealing
the money from the poor and making the
country worse.
Raphael's unluckylucky day
Raphael found a bag of trash that was not opened. the trash bags that are
not opened mean that they are the good ones when Raphael opened the
bag, it had purse and inside the purse there was a fat wallet, an ID card, and
a key. In the wallet there was 11 thousand pesos so he shared it with Gardo
(Raphael took 600, and Gardo took 500).
The police came to find the purse that Raphael and Gardo
had found, but Raphael and Gardo did not give it to the police
because they thought that the police would not give the price
that they said they will.
Raphael, Gardo, and Rat went to the station to open the locker and see what's inside. They
took the train and went to the station. At first when they got there, they met some trash
boys. Rat knew who they were so he talked to them as he walked. They were very scared
and nervous that they always looked around if the police was there but fortunately, there
were no police around. They could easily take the envelope and got out of the station. They
hid behind the bushes and checked what it was inside. It was something related with
Raphael was arrested to the police station, when the police men had came.
Raphael was very scared, and he kept crying. He was forced to get into the
car, and when they arrived to the police station, Raphael was questioned by
the people. The police kept asking if he had found the purse but Raphael kept
lying to them that he did not find it.
Gardo lied to Olivia that he had to go
to the prison to meet his
Raphael and Rat went to Zapanta's house, which
was gigantic, and heard about Jose Angelico by a
gardener who worked for a long time in that
Jose Angelico's story
Jose Angelico was adopted by Dante Jerome, Gabriel Olondirz's son. (Many other kids were adopted with him, too). Dante
Jerome and Gabriel Olondirz liked him more than the other kids, because he was very smart, so they thought that he would
get lots of money from him when he grows up. But Jose Angelico did not become a lawyer or something like that, that
would bring Dante and Gabriel a load of money he became a houseboy who worked in Zapanta's house. One day, for
some reason, he stole thousands of money from Zapanta by putting them in a fridge. He told Zapanta to change the fridge
into a new one, and said that he would give the old one to the guy who delivered the new fridge. He got on the truck with
the fridge (who is containing money), out of the gates. After this he got arrested and killed during a conference(?) with the
Gardo, Raphael, and Rat escaped from the dumpsite after
they heard the police car coming. They were sure that the
police was searching for them, so they got their money, and
ran away.
They went to the prison that Gardo went before to meet Gabriel Olondriz. They
were scared to be caught, but they waited there sitting, searching for the guard
from there, thinking that he could help them find the bible that Gabriel said he
had before he died (this will be a great clue to find where the fridge that Jose
hided it). But when they finally met each other, the guard asked for 20 thousand
To get those 20 thousand pesos, Rat went
to the Mission school, by riding a garbage
truck going to the dumpsite. He sneaked
inside the school through the window, and
opened the secret cabinet that contained
a bit more than 20 thousand pesos.
Because Rat felt bad for stealing Father
Julliard's money, he wrote or drew a
note that showed some clues that it was
Rat himself, the one who did it.
After they got the money, Gardo went to
meet the guard at a restaurant, and he had a
hook in his pocket, just in case the guard
calls the police, then he can attack the
people and run away with the bible. He,
Raphael, and Rat also planned a route to toss
the bible to each other and run away
separately, then meet again at one place.
When Gardo went to the restaurant, both
him and the guard checked what each other
have got, and traded them. But as the kids
had predicted, the guard called the cops who
were waiting in another tables from that
restaurant. The guard grabbed his arm tight,
but he could run away by hitting the guard's
face (he was not so sure about where
exactly on the face) and ran away. As soon
as he got out of the restaurant, he threw
the bible to Rat, and all three of them,
including Raphael, ran away form the police.
After they got the bible, they took hard time
to see what the code meant, and when they
finally found it out, they realized that the
code was telling them to go to the graves.
On the day of dead (a big celebration in
Mexico), they went to the graves and
searched for Jose Angelico's wife's grave.
They also took hard time in here, to find the
right coffin, but then realized that they
were searching in the part that rich people
are buried on Earth. The other side of the
grave was for the poor people, who are not
even buried, but just inside a concrete box.
When they found the stack of 3 boxes
(obviously, it was from Jose Angelico's
family), they saw that the bottom one was
his wife's, the middle one was his son's, and
the top one was his daughter's. They were
about to give up on opening the concrete
box with money, feeling very guilty of trying
to steal it from a poor person that had lost
everything including his own family. But then,
they heard a voice asking them if they are
searching for anything. They answered no,
and asked the question, "What's your name?",
and her answer was "Pia Dante". She was
Jose Angelico's daughter.
Now that they know that the daughter of
Jose Angelico is alive, they were sure that
the top coffin that has the name 'Pia Dante'
written is the one with money. They brought
materials to break open the concrete box
and some bags to put the money in. They
asked Pia Dante to wait, and they got the
money as soon as possible. They put all of
them inside the bag and went out of the
grave with two sacks full of money, and a
That same night they found the money, they
went to the dumpsite, to where they lived
before. They climbed up the big mountains
of garbage and started throwing money to
the air. When Gardo and Raphael was doing
all these throwings, Rat went to the mission
school and placed the money on Father
Julliard's desk.
After all this. they sneaked back out of the
dumpsite, and went to a beach. As Rat has
always wished, they bought a boat and fished
happily for their rest of the life, with Pia
Behala, Mexico
Smells bad; there are tons of mountains of
Train Station
Full of station kids (a
different version of the
dumpsite kids).
Police Station
Mission School
Outside, not clear where but certainly not
The day of dead
14 years old
Dumpsite boy
Worked on dumpsite from
when he was 3 years old
Thinks he's brothers with Gardo because
they know most of things about each
14 years old
Dumpsite boy
Was born 7 years earlier than Raphael
Always serious on
everything/does not smile that
Thinks that Raphael
(sometimes) acts like a kid.
Very skinny
Has no family
Lives in the bottom area of the dumpsite;
were the rats are. This is why people call him
Has broken teeth.
His real name is JunJun.
Younger than Raphael and Gardo.
Father Juilliard
Have ran the Pascal Aguila
Mission on Behala dumpsite for
7 years.
63 years old
Knows very well with Rat.
There is a rule that you can not give food to
kids if it's not time but he brakes that rule to
give some food to Rat and some other kids.
A lady from a foreign country, that came to
Behala and worked in the Mission School
with Father Juliard.
She left Behala because the police came and asked her
about why she went to the prison and why she met Gabriel
Olondriz, which made her feel that she shouldn't stay in there
anymore although she got out of the police station safely.
Jose Angelico
He died in the police station when the
police was questioning him about
He always sent letters to
Gabriel Olondriz.
Gabriel Olondriz is his
His ID card, wallet, and keys that were in a
purse was found in the garbage (was an
He tried to steal money from
Zapanta but got caught
Gabriel Olondriz
He is in prison.
He is old and very
The reason he is in prison is because he tried to prove that
Mr. Zapanta, a government, had stolen thousands of money,
and he was full of evidence, but the lawyers had betrayed
him so he was arrested for telling false evidence.
He worked by the dumpsite with his
son, Dante Jerome, and he was
Pia Dante
Jose Angelico's daughter, Gabriel Olondriz's
grand daughter.
She is alive, not dead.
She goes to the beach and lives together
with Raphael, Gardo, and Rat.
Regis Zapanta
Vice President
Very rich and fat
Lives in an enormous
Frederico Gonz
Makes grave
Has made several stones for the
dead son and daughter of Jose