The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Alexander McCall Smith
At the cours of the story, Mma
Rotswana meets a lot of diferent and
interestering people in a lot of diferent
an intersesting adventures.
Chapter 1 The daddy
This chapter begins with the decription of The
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. It's in the foot
of Kgale Hill, and it have a tiny white van, two
desk, two chairs, a typewriter, a teapot and
three cups. Mma Rotswana starts this bussines
with the money of her death father
One of the first clients of Mma Ramotswe was Happy Bapetsi. She was a maiden women, without parents. She eraned a lot of money and she had a nice house. She vas happy until her missing father arrived at the house saying that he was her father. At first all went well, but after few weeks, he began to be unbearable and bossy. This was the reason that she came to believe that this men wasn't her father. For check that this was true, she came to No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. After explain her problem to Mma Ramotswe, the woman detective begins to thought wath could she did, and she had an idea. She went to Happy Bapetsi's home and found the father in his bedroom. She was wearing the clothes of a nurs, and she said that Happy had been in a car accident and that she needed a lot of the right kind of blood, and that he had this kind of blood. Than he said that he wasn't her father, and he leave de house.
Chapter 2 Note Makoti
In this chapter, Mma Ramotswe
explains her life.
She grew up in Mochudi, with her father and his cousin. She was very kind. and she
and Precious(Mma Rotswana) become very good friends. But one day, the cousin got
married and went the house. Eight years later, Mma Rotswana went to the home of
her cousin and began to work in the bus company of her husband. She knew Note
Makoti in one of her travels to Mochudi, for visit her father. He was a musician, and
four weeks later, they married. But he was a bad man, and he hit she. But she didn't
left him because she was pregnan. One day, he come not to home, and Precious
never saw him anymore. The child died.
Chapter 3 The missing husband
In this chapter, Mma
Ramotswe explain de begining
of the Agency and her new life.
With the money of her death father, Precious bought a new
hous and a new bussines. It was very small and poor, but with
a lot of painting and a table and cahirs, seemed better. She
recived a secretary, Mma Makutsi, and her first client was
Mma Malatsi. Sha was a women with a missing husband. After
search him for two days, she discovers that Peter Malatsi had
been eaten by a caiman.
Chapter 4 The teacher's letter
In this chapter, Precious recives a
letter from Ernest Molai Pakotai, a
Mma Ramotswe recives a letter from a
teacher from a small school. In the letter, the
teacher explained that he had a missing son,
and he asked she for help. But she can't do
Chapter 5 The boyfriend
In this chapter, Precious is worried
because she wasn't earned money
with her bussines, but then she
recived a call of one of the richest men
of Botswana.
Mr Paliwalar Patel thinks that his daughter, Nandrina,
had a boyfriend, but he wasn't sure. The work of
Precious was follow she and see the boy, Jack, but she
discovered that she hadn't a boyfriend, because
Nandrina said it. But it was probably a lie, because one
year after this, Mma Ramotswe saw Nadrina with a guy.
She introduced him, and his name was Jack.
Chapter 6 The Stolen Car
In this chapter, Mma Ramotswe
ricived a new client: Mma
Mma Pekwane, when she arrived to the agency, seemed very
nervous and the reason was that she believed that her husband
had stolen a car. For check that it was true, Precious asked for
help from his friend Mr JLB Matekoni, who was a mechanic,
and he said that the cars usually had a number somewhere in
the car, and with this number, they could find his real owner.
Then, Mma Ramotswe anf her friend, went to Mma Pekwane's
home and stealed the car for return it to his real owner. At the
end of this chapter, Mrs JLB Matekoni asked Mma Ramotswe
to married, but she said that she would like anymore get
married with anyone.
Chapter 7 A missing finger
In this chapter, Precious
recived a new work from her
old friend Hector Lapodise
Hector Lapodise was the owner of one of the factories in Gaborone,
and he had a problem: one of his former employed, Solomon
Moretsi, had a lawyer, and it had send a letter to Hector. In this
letter, the lawyer said that Solomon had an accident in the factori: he
had cut his finger and in the hospital, the finger was cut off, and he
wanted four thousand pula. But Hector was lying, because he had
miss his finger three years ago. But it was not the only time he lied,
because he had do the same three time with differents bussines. He
was not a bad person, because he wanted money for his ill sister.
Chapter 8 The bone
In this chapter, Precious went to
see Mrs JLB Matekoni, after
many days without speak with
him. But her friend was very
Mrs Matekoni was a mechanic, and he had to repair a car that had been in an accident. Inside the box in front of the passenger seat he found a little bag. Inside the bag was a small bone, a piece of skin and a woodle bottle....the medicine of a witchdoctorand Precious and her friend believed that the missing son of the teacher was stolen by a witchdoctor. Mma Ramotswe decided that she checked the bone, and after visit a doctor, she discovered that the bone was from the finger of a child. The problem was that the car where Mrs JLB Matekoni found the little bag was of Charlie Gotso, a very dangerous and important person in Botswana, and Princes and her frind couldn't do nothing. But Mma Ramotswe had an idea: JRS had to break the car window and then telephoned Charli Gotso for tell him about the window. Then, Charlie sent a men for see the car. But the man searched in the box where was the bag. But the bag was in Precious home. Then, Mrs JRS Matekoni said that he knowed a detective lady, Precious. Gotso tell to Precious for ask for her help. When Precious meet Gotso, she brang the bag in her hands. Gotso was very gratefull, and he said where lived the owner of the bag, the witchdoctor.
Chapter 9 The Careless doctor
In this chapter, Precious recive a
call from a old friend, Dr Maketsi.
She would like found the child, but
her obligation was work in her
agency .
Her friend was a doctor in the Princes Marina Hospital, and he vas
very worried with one of his young doctors, Dr Kamoti. Sometimes,
he was a very nice doctor, but other times he was very worst. After
followed him, Mma Ramotswe dicovered that Dr Kamoti had a twin
brother; one was a very nice doctor, but the other was a very bad
doctor. Sometimes, the nice doctor was working in the hospita, but
sometimes in a other clinic, and the worst doctor too. At the end,
Mma Ramotswe and Dr Maketsi telephoned the police.
Chapter 10 The witchdocotr's wife
In this chapter, Mma Ramotswe
work in the problem of the stolen
Precious went to the witchdoctor home, but she
found his wife. She said where the child was, and
together went to search him. He was working in a
farm for two Basarwa. She brang him to her
This book, starts with de description of
Mma Precious Ramotswe, the protagonist
of the story, and her detective agency. In
this introduction also explains the autor's
life and wath gave him the idea for write
this book.
Mma Precious Ramotswe and
her detective agency
When we start to listen this book, we can read how
is Mma Ramotswe. She is a very kind and
warmhearted African lady.
Mma Ramotswe have the most succesful and famous
detective agency in Botswana, and she solves a lot of difficult
and dangerous problems(with the help of Mma Makutsi and Mr
JLB Matekoni).
Autor's life
The writer of this book is Alexander MacCall
Smith. He was born in Zimbabwe, but he now
lives in Scotland. He likes writing about Africa.
He writes this book when he saw a lady running
after a chicken.