Basic Radicals

Basic Radicals
salt and naoh -> no gas -> zero group absent
aq ext add dil HCl -> no ppt -> 1 gp. absent
above soln add h2s gas -> no ppt -> 2 gp. absent
boil above soln add conc. hno3 and nh4cl and nh4oh ->no ppt-> 3 gp. absent
pass h2s gas -> no ppt -> fourth gp. absent
add ammonium carbonate -> white ppt -> 5 present(Ba2+)
filter ppt and dissolove in HCl and add k2cro4 soln -> yellow ppt of barium chromate -> ba2+ conf.
salt and NaOH -> No NH3 gas-> zero gp. absent
aq. soln and dil HCl -> white ppt -> 1 gp. present (Pb2+ poss.)
aq ext. add KI soln -> Yellow ppt of PbCH3COO -> Pb2+ confirm
aq. ext add K2CrO4 -> yellow ppt of lead chromate -> Pb2+ confirm
Pinch of salt and NaOH -> No NH3 gas -> Zero gp. absent
Aq Salt,and dil HCl -> No ppt -> 1 gp. absent(Pb2+)
Pass H2S gas -> No ppt -> 2 Gp. absent
expel h2s gas,add conc. HNO3 and NH4Cl and NH4OH -> White gellatine ppt -> 3 gp. present(Al3+ possible)
Filter ppt and add dil HCl , blue litmus soln and NH4OH dropwise -> Blue litmus soln floats -> Al3+ confirm
Pinch of salt in TT and add NaOH->Ammonical Smell -> Zero Group Present NH4+ Possible
Bring glass rod dipped in dil HCl over mouth -> White Fumes -> NH4+ possible
Filter paper dipped in Nesslers Reagent over mouth -> Brown filter paper -> NH4+ confirmed