ArchiCAD Improvements

ArchiCAD Improvements
GDL Scripting
Allow windows to move to
separate screen
Syntax highlighting / autocompletion
Line numbers down left side of
script window
Allow collapsing of grouped
parameters in parameters
Find function needs work
Use of LINETYPE for 3D lines in
elevation & 3D
Somehow introduce parametrics
to modelsaved objects
For the custom interface script,
have a visual design paradigm
UI_OUTFIELD able to display
parameter names, not just
Be able to set intersection priorities to
prevent merging of touching geometry
New HOTPOLY2 command
Maybe introduce Python as an alternative
to GDL?
Allow use of PRINT command in Parameter
script, for easier debugging
WALLHOLE to allow for filleting / curving
of reveals
Ability to search when selecting object
Add functionality to hotspot2 to respond
to view scale
Include hyperbolic functions
Include door / window size parameters for
custom leaf & handles
Have function that runs parameter script of
just selected objects
External Content
Greater control over how fills &
lines are imported from AutoCAD
Allow hotlinks to be assigned a different
pen set (e.g. for greying out previous
Open hotlink manager
from any window not just
Rhino still needs the lcf observer.
Hotlinking a Rhino file doesn't work that
well yet
Somehow need to be able to
assign cut pen & fill properties to
IFC elements (sections only)
Other links
Live link to Excel spreadsheets
Save As / Export
Exporting to 3dm (Rhino) should recognise
smoothed curves, and export as NURBS
Translator Layer Name Conversion should
have sortable columns
Allow insertion of custom text (e.g.
revision) into file name when printing to
Include checkbox called "Overwrite
Remember pallette dvisions
Autotext Keywords should include ability
to mix and match date formats
Project Settings
Should be able to have 4 decimal places for
model units to confirm accuracy in some
Allow removal of comma from digit grouping,
independently to Windows global settings
Allow opening of .pln files as
Read Only
Display order
Show numerical position in
display order when adjusting
Maybe display order could be
set from Building Materials?
Select copied elements on command
completion doesn't work for Radial Stretch
copy (pet palette)
Node consolidation (New)
Slab consolidation (New)
Stretch command to allow for stretching
along single axis
Find & Select
Need to be able to select things
throughout the entire project or layout
book not just the current story or
Should be able to select same parameters
that are available in Schedules and vice
A 'select & reserve' button on this
dialog would be useful
Allow pasting to multiple layouts in
the same operation (use dialog)
Search & Replace should work throughout an
entire layout book, not just the current sheet
3D Cutting Planes
Should be able to zoom
in this window
Enter cutting planes by
coordinates (e.g. to cut at a
specific RL)
Solid Element Operations
To change plan display of
affected elements
Sideways extrusion would
be handy
Align 3D Texture
This is far too cumbersome should
have something like a fill handle in
both 3D and section/elevation
Need to be able to lock the origin &
direction to an object (prevents it
going out of whack when stretching the
Add column accessory tool
Should be given the option of moving layer
contents to another layer when deleting (cf.
Some way (i.e. a project index) of
seeing what elements are on a
particular layer would be very handy
Be good to have My Layer Combinations in
Layer hierarchy, as per Rhino
Allow multiple project stages /
phases, instead of just Exist, Demo &
Multiple split windows all live to the model
(i.e. select something in plan, it selects in
Onscreen help needs attention.
Needs 'live' help feed
(Revit once again)
More Toolbar
Grid Element
Would be great if the grid heads could
stay on the screen border like the ruler
when in plan (as reference only)
Grid heads should show around
border of placed drawings
Should be able to adjust head
height for individual section
When only showing segment of grid, dynamic
hotspots for segment length would be helpful
Need to be able to curve grids after
placement more comprehensively
Should show automatically in worksheets &
Info box options for grid "Section
Botton Grid Marker" misspelt
Wall End
Match materials of host wall
automatically check box in info
Update coding so tool works
properly with different structural
Enable inclining wall end so that
it also cuts the wall
Should inherit Properties of the wall it's
attached to
Corner Window
Not required if Cadimage Door &
Window builder is purchased
Recessed lamps should cut holes in
the slab (or new tool ceiling) in which
they're placed
Greater selection of lamps
Allow inclining of lamps
(e.g. raking ceilings)
Radial Dimension
Include Diameter dimension
Centre mark needs to
rotate with view orientation
Centre mark needs separate size control
Somehow need to enable this to
work on geometry in section /
Angle Dimension
Allow chain / string of
Turning off cameras shouldn't be
so hard to find
Pen Sets
Allow copying of pen attributes from one pen
set to another
When deleting layers, allow for
shifting of elements to another
Wireframe option should have
percentage transparency, not just
Need more robust way of managing
intersection priorities in layer
Line Types
Line type names next to line types in drop
down boxes
Fill Types
Allow exploding of fills
Composite Fills
Allow composites that only have a finish
type, not a core (e.g. Drywall lining as a
When inserting skin, allow copying
of skin other than the adjacent
Should be able to import
Favorites directly from .pln
etc file a la other attributes
Should be able to exclude
various things from being set by
Enable injection of properties into every
selected object, instead of just one at a time
"Missing" attributes in objects should
automatically be replaced with the previous
Every attribute should have an ID, and
description field
Building Materials
Complex Profiles
Ability to adjust curve resolution of
complex profiles
Removal of lines between tangential
Enable 'capping' to relevant
objects / complex profiles
Enable profiles to have ID & description in
definition, as per Building Materials
Graphic Overrides
Graphic overrides should be able to turn
off contour lines of fills & zones
Graphic overrides should be able to do
storybased rules
Graphic overrides should be able to make a
transparent background fill opaque
Criteria window to have reordering arrows
as per scheduling criteria
Top Elevation (T) of objects
Autotext should be able to insert any
parameter from any object using Autotext
Allow the capacity to use any object
parameter in an expression
Be able to refer to Zone subproperties as
defined by the user
Select Toolbar
Shortcut key to toggle
thru selection
Doubleclick to select
connected elements
Shortcut key to toggle thru
selection methods
Layout Book
Autotext extras
Scale autotext to change to custom text
(e.g. Varies, or As Shown) when more
than 2 (defined by user) different scales
are shown
Layouts to have custom fields (say
3) able to be referenced by
Reserve button needed in Book Settings dialog
Revision Manager
This should be essential in any
BIM/CAD package. This includes
clouding, tagging, sheet revision #,
revision history & transmittal...much like
Cadimage does actually
Should be able to format date a variety of
Allow stretching of drawings
with marquee & CTRL+H
Enable pasting to multiple
sheets in the one operation
'Go to layout' to also
recognise layout IDs instead
of just sequential number
PDF save as should have same
options as those in Model save
Teamwork / BIM Server
Folder structure or similar for libraries
Break down "Delete/Modify"
into separate categories
Allow administrator to Force User to
Leave from BIM manager, not just
Remember user work environment when
rejoining project
Show Joined status for each
user in BIM manager
Allow viewing of Teamwork
files in Demo mode
Reserve dialog should have Copy
Settings button like Find & Select dialog
BIM managers should have access to a log
that records which user reserved &/or edited
Fix clearing of "Last ..."
command after send / receive
Ability to adjust Users /
Messages window division sizes
Hotlink manager should have an
"Update & Release" button
Don't refresh hotlink status
automatically on manager open
Reserve button needed in Book Settings dialog
When adding a lot of layouts, file will crash
if you Send & Receive
Spelling error in "Reload and Apply recent
changes" warning dialog
Reserved libraries should show in My
Workspace dialog, for easy release
Should also have an 'Activity' button /
Interface is very old (only tweaked over the
last 30yrs). A redesigned interface would be
Favorites to be a button on info bar
"Collapse all" & "expand all" options
in maps (Project, View & Layout)
Be able to hide view entries in cloned
Keep "Properties" expanded
in View Map even when no
view is selected
Dimension styles need to
be easier to modify
Resolve differences with Logitech, so
mouse drivers work properly with
Split windows
Select on plan option in
section/elevation & 3D
Parameters dialog needs a button to
directly open relevant attributes
Building Material dialog needs
linking buttons for Cut Fill &
Tighten up on the space used by many of
the tool bars / info bars too much
wasted screen real estate
Bring back the forward / back arrows in the
tools settings dialog
Ability to zoom in the preview window of
the parameter settings dialog
Allow reassignment of the ALT key on the
Some drop down lists will truncate the
content width, or not display names.
'Redefine' logic should be reinstated in
MVO dialog
Allow scrolling through attribute lists using
the up and down arrows
3D Navigation
To be consistent with 2D navigation,
snapping & editing options
Refer SketchUp it's very intuitive
Be able to select objects in 3D and remove
from filter
Graphical Representation
Scalability of near lines, e.g.
glazing bars represent as single
line above a certain scale
Draw single line for Above/Below
elements (or same story) whose
boundaries coincide
Reflected ceiling plans should be
as 'natural' to ArchiCAD as floor
plans. Needs a lot of work.
Display order should be determined
from RLs of elements
Should be able to set curve resolution of
native objects (slabs, walls, etc) maybe in
Option override for element not to heal
with adjacent
Error handling
Error messages due to element generation in 3D or
section, should always include the type (e.g. slab, roof) &
ID of the offending element maybe even a 'select on
plan' option
Lines in 3D!
True curve modelling
Allow component grouping for quick
editing of repetitive assemblies
Include fence option for splitting of slabs /
roofs / fills
Codemeter Key / Server
Reduce its size (USB keyplug) so is
less easily damaged
Server monitor should resolve to
user names, not just computer
Data handling
.pln files should utilise the Delta technology for
Include home storey selection in
Hammer options
Home story selection in settings
dialog should include checkbox for
Allow for layers & layer combos export
Document Toolbar
Rounding to 5mm (set by
user) avoids stupid
Movable nodes to quickly adjust
dimension (not witness line) lengths /
Dimension display over multiple storeys
When dimensioning to core,
need to adjust for Wall Ends
Allow dimensioning to faces / CL
of walls other than reference
Level Dimension
Allow custom text as default (e.g. "RL"
prefix) instead of having to change after
Uniform settings for text tools
to affect LabelText
All text to increment by userdefined values
when copying
Bullets / numbering
functionality would be great
Transluscent text option for use in
Key notes???. Cadimage have made a good
start on this tool
Frame offset distance
consistent with Text tool
Allow leader to align with top left or
bottom right text line not bounding
Uniform settings for text
tools to affect Text
For element labels, allow graphical
editing of origin of multiple
selections, not just numerical editing
Column labels need a Ø symbol or
custom text, instead of just X, Y & Z
Make aligning easier when text labels are
positioned to the left of what they're
labelling, and left justified
When using Adjust command on labels, left
aligned, or labels with leaders to the right,
should adjust to the left shape handles
When aligning labels to the left using
Special Align, angle of leader line should
remain the same
Add option for perpendicular orientation
Skin list label should identify the skin of the
surface clicked on
Skin list label should be able to limit
number of skins listed
Labels should be easy to setup to include
any parameter from any loaded library part
Label manipulation very glitchy in plan with
rotated view
Dimension thickness for roofs will not read
perpendicular thickness, only vertical
Be able to attach labels to lines
Building material labels vs complex profiles:
will only recognise skins at cut plane.
Should recognise all skins in the profile
Should still be able to edit content in the
Text Label pane of the settings dialog
Should be able to split content with a
A comprehensive surface label for
Allow two foreground fills when 'mixing' two
vectorial fills is required in elevation, but is
too time consuming to create
Allow hiding individual fill contour segments
means don't have to create separate fill &
polyline when you only require 3 out of 4 sides
Enable linking of fill
contours to slabs / roofs
Allow overriding of Building Material pens
for use with labels in detailing
Allow different arrow heads
for beginning and end
Multiline capablility
Enable arrow head size to be either paper or
Be able to assign a Building Material to the
line tools
Flip/invert line direction a la invert wall
Radial stretch should be able to create a
copy (CTRL key) like the other tools do
When exploding, explode into it used to
Opt out of being recognised
by Scale Autotext
Scale needs ability to be
custom (e.g. N.T.S.)
Need Autotext to recognise sheet size &
50% sheet size e.g. 1:100 @ A1, 1:200
@ A3 (maybe allow formulas)
Schedules do not currently recognise the
scale properly
Title marker
Title marker text still needs to be
centred with back reference activated
user chooses
Title offset should also be from left of
drawing, not just from bottom
Need to be able to set text size
of text below ID differently to ID
Linear Drawing Title Marker Type should
include hexagon and octagon
Marker offset to drawing should also
include a leftright field
Stamp title should be able to include
drawing name
Linear drawing title needs Order of
Content function
Linear drawing title needs Custom text for
Linear drawing title needs text justify
Allow exclusion of sheet id prefix from
back reference (e.g. so WDA 1523 can be
just 1523)
Allow cropping of drawing to
marquee area
Should be able to back reference to any placed
drawing not just those linking to a viewport
Opt out of status checking
Embedded layers dialog to
remember resizing
Schedules placed via PMK should still be
able to reconfigure columns
Allow section cut width to be
adjustable independently from section
Turn off/on project levels in specific
sections (i.e. override project
Copy model elements in sections
Enable cranking of Marked Distance
Area line (independently from section
Allow different head types at
either end of section line for
use of a section 'tail'
Show other section
markers automatically
Enable changing a section into an
elevation after placement, and vice
Allow rotation of the vertical plane
for elevating leaning walls for
Allow prefix/suffix text to Referred Drawing
When view rotated in plan, will
rotate section / elevation views
Allow cranking of individual story levels
to avoid clashes
As per Section
Interior Elevation
Allow limited elevation
range as in sections &
Changing the name will screw up link through to
view map (will break from being "By Project
Need to be able to adjust vertical contour of
elevation so you don't need to mask out
unwanted elements (e.g. raking ceiling)
The option to start numbers from a
userdefined number would be
Marked distant area would
come in handy
Tighten up coding on markers for rotated
orientations bit clumsy at the moment
Allow user to decide where the
callout head 'cranks' to
Don't explode 2D objects (e.g.
timber blocking), just 3D
Drop ID from sheet
reference option
"Clip Polygon" option to still have
rounded corners and connect to callout
Would be good to be able to create a 'live'
worksheet instead of an exploded 2D
Custom text to have hotspot locator
Have option to turn an independent
worksheet into a source worksheet
Elevation / Section markers will shift from
model view to worksheet view
As per Worksheet
Detailing Tool (NEW)
To enable rapid drafting of common detailing
components e.g. block walls, timber blocking, walls
etc. Cadimage (once again) have an excellent tool on
Design Toolbar
Buy Cadimage Door builder and
have as part of standard
Door opening (empty) doesn't
tidy up precisely with skins
Comprehensive garage and shopfront
roller doors
Typebased doors
Door leaf should have editable grid option,
like windows
Double pivot door with asymmetric leaves
Have door accessories similar to slab and
Separate opening for 3D vs Sect/Elev
Buy Cadimage Window builder
and have as part of standard
Allow placement into slabs too
Clean up composite skins
properly with slabs & walls
in section
Enter slope as gradient
User to choose whether bottom
or top of roof section is
Allow custom edge angles,
similar to roof
Enable rising walls (e.g.
balustrade to a ramp)
Allow free editing of outline in
Composite fills clean up
properly with slabs & roofs
in section
Height adjustable composite
Ability to have separate plan
& section fills
Perpendicular top and bottom option for
slanted walls
Clean up with columns (e.g.
steel sections)
Freely adjustable end angles
Cover fills
Allow curving of beam both in
horizontal & vertical planes
Allow reference line offset from
beam edge, not just beam
Rotate core angle of rectangular beam
Include circular beam (i.e. as per
column tool) as standard
Veneers as per column tool?
Have beam accessories similar to slab
and roof
Freely adjustable end angles
Clean up with beams (e.g.
steel sections)
A displayonly arrow showing orientation on
Override surface of column veneer
Have column accessories similar to slab
and roof
Assign plan pens (including
transparent) to individual contour
segments this would allow merging
of separate slab entities in plan views
(e.g. when slab thickness changes)
Allow slab to 'grow' upwards when
changing depth / composite, instead of
just downwards
Need separate uncut pen for 2D
v 3D
When cover fills "Use fill from surface" 3D
& 2D should align
When cover fills "Use fill from surface," the
background colour in plan should be able
to inherit colour
Get one that works properly a single
tool! Cadimage have a good start on
"Stair Straight RC" fill doesn't
work on storey above
Stair builder needs to have
inclined risers
Railing (NEW)
Associates with stairs, slabs &
roofs (for ramps) Cadimage
have a good start on this
As per stair
Rails subcategory needs a 'uniform'
check box so they can all be set the same
Turn off contours (user
defined ridges) in elevation /
Need another option to "Show no ridges"
Enable uniform thickness
Allow adjusting of triangulation
path (e.g. 'Flip Edge' in SketchUp
Sandbox tools)
Needs to heal with other
objects in elevation / 3D
Vectorial fill displays incorrectly in layout
Need to be able to set contour pen
separately to outline pen
Curtain Wall
Editable in plan & section
Eyedropper & inject parameters across
sub types
Additional command: explode into faces
Additional command: Offset curve along
Display in section / elevation
Improve performance large
zones get sluggish
Allow quick creation of slabs,
walls from zone mass
Tag / label in section / elevation
Contours should also be
controlled by MVO
Allow percentage tone fills, not just solid
Allow attaching of labels
Consistent display options as
per slab, roof etc
Should be able to tilt any object (i.e. add ROTX
& ROTY to base GDL code). Should not
be so limited to the horizontal plane
Specific objects
Spaceframe family of objects needs
to be able to be rotated along the
Spaceframe Symmetric needs to have
option of 4 chords, not just 3
"Wall Mounted Ladder" to have
extendable brackets if ladder needs to be set
further away from wall
Need a truncated timber truss object
"Picture" should have dropdown list of
available pictures not just a nonintuitive text
"Rail Tube" to have function to turn down
ends, without connecting back into
intermediate rail
The "Steel Beams BS / EN" don't
display right in plan when cut planes
Timber objects should have a '/' or 'X' in
section as per standard drafting
Objects should display intelligently over multiple
storeys like columns/walls
Railing objects that have incline function
should display intelligently (with break line)
over stories
Ceiling (NEW)
NURBS / true curve modelling (NEW)
Project Indexes, Schedules & Lists
Allow combining/referencing of external
indexes for when Layout files have to be split
due to size
Windows / Doors should combine in schedules
if they're the same, but have different IDs
Should allow for the use of formulas in schedules
Same parameter selection
capabilities as Find & Select
Allow filtering of schedules by layers
Allow reserving of elements from schedules
Allow automatic sizing of columns / rows in
schedules to fit content
Allow to ignore selected parameters when
merging lines
Allow hiding of parameters in schedules
Make "Issued Date" available for Layout
Have option (maybe in project
preferences?) for inserted fields to not be
assigned a sorting order
It would be handy to be able to place
linked markers into the annotation window
Need to be able to either justify or crop
preview window
Allow formatting of title separately to
column headers
Row / column size button to also appear in
main formatting tab
Scale of schedule should be represented in
placed drawing
Should be able to schedule out Story info
Allow to display decimals /
rounding independent of Project
Text orientation of header
Ability to schedule out skin types &
thicknesses of composite structures
Conditional formatting a la Excel
Have an integral link with Excel spreadsheets
Layer Combinations should have
unique ID
Allow formatting of issued date in Project
Combine scales that are the same
Allow searching of View and Layout names
with GoTo function
Fix filtering in Project Indexes schedules
Have banded rows formatting as per Excel
Have schedule templates
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