GaiaU Epistemic Community

GaiaU Epistemic Community
A community of competent, ecosocial world-change practicioners
A community with increasing influence through developing collective design capacity
I am accountable to this epistemic community
Review again "Managing Time, Managing Promises" and prioritize/reschedule increased time to GaiaU processes.
Unlocking collective intelligence for regenerative outcomes
We are exploring epistemology to learn more about our un/learning.
Accepted approaches to the making and validation of knowledge
Know How: How is knowledge/wisdom created, validated?
Preference for:
Knowledge that works
Knowledge that acknowledge our integration into nature.
Know What: Where is the focus of knowledge making attention?
And why?
Who prioritized this work?
Follow the money!
Who Knows: Who owns/can access knowledge?
The Academy is being privatized (enclosure of the commons).
Internet and Open Source technologies/frameworks provide incredible opportunity
Reddit (and other social media/networks)
. . .
What For: What is the purpose of the knowledge?
Knowledge supports operating in which paradigm?
New: Complex and Chaotic
Observe emergent properties, design integrative intervention
Old: Simple and Complicated
Reductionist, positivist science
Does knowledge support or challenge the Patrix?
Background (Emergence of GaiaU)
A bunch of permies contemplate learning patterns
How do we learn?
Validate thinking by referencing the literature
Models and frameworks for un/learning emerge . . .
. . . and are assembled into GaiaU.
Congruence between theory and action
Continuous evolution