Time and Productivity

Time & Productivity
eat that frog
never enough time to do everything you have to do
something that changed lifeb
ask successful people what they were doing to enabled them to be what I appreciate "success"
Key to success : The ability to concentrate singlemindedly on my most importantt taske, do it well and finish ti completely
tu peux controler tes taches jusqu'a un certain point apres il est necessaire de se concentrer sur les quelques une qui sont essentielles
be selective : Select most important task at esach moment and get started on that task
do it quickly, well and this will be one of the most important skill you can develop
The "frog" is the biggest most important task that you are most likely to procrastinate if you don't pay attention. But also the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life and results
Discipline yurself to begin immediately and the to persist until the task is coplete before you go on to something else.
Resist temptation to start with the easiest task first
Develop the lifelong habit of tackling your major task first thing each morning
don't think to much about it, just start
it gets into a habit only by practice and repetition, until it locks into my subconscious
Doing it makes you feel happy, you're doing the right thing
Actions immediately, don't wait the meeting, or talk to much .. Rather a quick shot than a well thought plan never accomplished
exo :
Se visualiser dans le futur en tantt que la personne que je souhaite être. Start inside.
Pour faire quelque chose d'hinabituel,imaginer la scene et faire lachose en se voyant de l'extérieur.
The frog rules
if there are two frogs eat the ugliest first
if you have to eat a live frog it does'nt pay to wait before digging in ;)
Set the table
Be clear about goal and objectives
one reason for procrastination and lack of motivation is vagueness about what you are trying to do, in what order and for what reason
1 )Sit down and decide and set goal / objectives untilit becomes crystal clear what I want
for the job do it with the boss, discuss it together
2) write it down
3) put a deadline
4) list all of the things you can think of to achieve the goal
5) Organise the list into a plan (priority and sequence)
chaine the Gannt
est-ce envisageable pour mes objectifs?
6) Everytime you plan , also do something immediatelly that leads me closer
7) Do something every single day thatt moves you towarrd you major goal
every morning when you begin, take action on the most important task you can accomplish to achieve your most important goal at the moment
2 Plan every day in advance
Planning is bringin the future into the present so that you can do something about it now . Alan Lakein
increase return on energy : Pas prendre des heures a planifier, 10-15 minutes suffisent
when something new comes check int the actual list, where I should put it? BEFORE I do it.
Do the list the night before for the coming day. If something was not done today check if it has o be done tomorrow or repriorisée ?+
faire ça le soir d'avant permet de dormir dessus et d'être focus, en partant et le matin en arrivant. =calme + idée pendant la nuit
Make lists
One liste where you capture every idea and every new task or responsibility that comes up (sort it later)
master list
On list with monthly. Goals for this month.
comes from the master list
Have a weekly list where you paln my weeks in advance . Will be nder construction during the week I'm in.
planning the comming week at the end of the previous o
plan every step, who do I need, go in the details to make sure not to forget anything.
Never work on a 80 task when they are still 20 (A) Tasks
Resist the temptation to clean small things firs
the hardest thing to important task is to start this task, then motivation comes because I know I'm working on the essentiasl
Just thinking about starting and finishing an important task motivates
3 Consider the consequences
Consider the consequences : Thinking continually of the consequences of my choices and decisions is the best way to determine priorities
There will never be enough time to do everything I want to do...
3 Question for max productivityy
What are the big frogs
What can I and only I do , that will make a difference
nobody else can do it, and it can bring max productivity
What is the most valuable use of my time right now
Things that matters never must be at the mercy of things that matter least
4. Practice Creative Procrastination
Say no to anythign that is not a high-value use of your time and your life. Habbit to say no. Picking up means putting down. Choisir c'est renoncer
6 ABCDE Methode continually
if you don't do a task B someone might be unhappy but not as bad (or bigger benefit of) as task A
Wat an I delegate ?
Never do task B before task A is complete
7 Focus on key Result
Certain key result are central to my work and will determine my success or failure in a job. Sometimes not the key activity
discuss it with client/boss .
What one skill, if I developed and dit it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my career ?
8 Apply the law of Three
90% of the value to the company
Take all you task : if you could do just one of them which would it be. Then another, and a last one.
Show it to the boss where do I bring added-value (only I can do it)
Delegate the rest
What are the 3 most important goals in life
For those 3 what are the 3 most important goals$
most of the time : business/career, family , financial, health, personal/professional Developpement, Social
What are the 3 biggest problem ?
30 second for each stage (to get the guts/truth)
80% of happiness will come from happy relationship (closest/family)
Important to have some face to face time with them
Work all the time you work @ work
all the chitchat with coworkers takes time away from family/work
résumé :
9 - Prepare Thoroughly Before you Begin
One task at the time in front of you
comfortable Workspace
get on the job
Launch towards the dram
11 - Upgrading your skills
One reason for procrastination is the fear not to do it right
buil competence in that area
anytime you stop striving to get better, you're bound to get worse
upgrade your skill : anytime 1hour a day !!!
12 - Leverage your special talent
What is your uniue talent and abilitties on a regular basis
what do I do easily and other people struggle ?
what do you enjoy
What has been responsible for my success
If I could do any job what would it be ?
13 - Identify your key constraints ?
Between you and your goal there is often a limiting factor
What sets the speed (could I do it faster, how?)
Qu'est-ce qui fait que ça ne va pas plus loin ? skills, peur ? what's between me and my dreams ?
todo :
What is most important goal / my dream !!!
What could I do to go closer to it ? Est-ce que je met pas des étapes inutiles entre-deux ?
14 - Put the pressure on yourself
get the habit of putting pressure on me without waiting someone else to do
create deadlines
imagine you have to leave tomorrow for trip: what would you do today
put deadlines to task and sub-tasks and hold on it
lead the field
be a role model for others,
make it a game to sart a little earlier do the extra mile
you feel better about yourself whenever you push harder
act : imagine you have to leave town for a mont , and work as if you had to get all you major task completed before you left.
/// Add the exercice from the book:the last encadré
15 - Gerer l'énergie
trop travailler un jour de sert a rien apres 8h-9h de boulot on est moins productif. Meilleur temps de recommencer demain et avoir bien dormi
choisir le moment de la journée ou l'on est le plus productf
dormir assez
faire de l'exercice physique
16 - motivate yourself into action
Veiler a ses pensées :les pensée vont déterminer comment on se sent.
toujours qq chose de postifi dans les épreuves
parler des mes buts çA me motiveras e me centrera
mes phrases dire mes besoin/ce que je veux plutôt que ce que je veux pas
never complain, never blame, i'm in control of my choices. What should I do to react well. To improve the situation.
17 - Attention a la technologie
be careful not to get overwhelmed by technology and the "be informed anytime about anything". Phone can stay home, message can wait
persone n'est irremplaçable, pas besoin d'être appelé a tous moments. déléguer. laisser faire
rester atteignable tous le temps est de loin pas essentiel
s'arranger avec qqn pour faire le point sur les news. on regare moins souvent mais qqn fait un résumé. Ou RSS
80/20 : importance des emails. classer. déléguer autant que possibleeee
idée : au retour de vacances plutot que de lire tous les emailss aller voir les gens et leur demander ce qui est important. le tri ira 4xplus vite
exo :
une journée par semaine sans téléphone, ni ordinateur, ça donnera les idées claires et du calme
18 - slice and dice the task
Finir une tâche :développer l'habitude de terminer. Pas commencer du nouveau sans terminer de l'ancien
ça donne le feu pour attaquer du plus gros
diviser les grosses taches en plus petites tâches.
Attaquer les grosses tâches même quand moins de temps que nécessaire (même 5-10 minutes). ça pemet de diminuer la peur de la tâche et de slicer le probleme
pour les tâches importantes, faire tous les jours un tout petit peu, même si c'est tres peu.
when I hear a good idea, take immediate action. do now. even if small time
19 - Create large chunks of time
nothing can add more power to your life than concentratin all your energies on a limited set of targets
lors de ces périodes enlever toutes les distractions
téléphone et divers
for biggert task : slice them and create small tasks that can be made shortly without thinking to much. in 10-15 minute
Create large chunk of time for important things
les plus importantes tâches demandes une grosses parcelle de temps ininterrompue
20 - Develop a sense of urgency
don't wait for the perfect time. it will never happen start right now
socializing can be a waste of time. Select well who you hang with , why?
get in a hurry to finish task , you can still take a full chunk of real rest/ holiday. If you do half always half in it never holiday always half run/half rest
c'est aussi cette urgency de finir qui va mettre en place les choses. Les choses se puzzlent car mon esprit est actif envers mon but.
the more you get done, the more satisfaftion you get + self confidence etc...
Act Bilan de fin de semaine : What am I procrastinating : Take action now
21 - Single handle every task
never stop until the task is finished
se concentrer sur une courte période sur une tâche réduit sa durée (bootcamp)
peut augmenter le temps de 500%
so :not to many task but do the nb one until it is over
Develop abitity to do the task whether you feel like it or not
sel descipline
c'est un cercle vertueux que de s'attaquer a ce qui est prio 1 et même si pas envie
act : what is the most important task now all project included : do it now, slice it to be able to work on on the bike or wherever
planing is guessing
workaholic is a brute force instead of finding smart solutions
if you got an idea or project , just start doing it just a little every few day will bring me far
if you fret to get the perfect timing before doing the thing it will never happen
strong opinions arent free . if no ones upset bz what you re saying you re probablz not pushing hard enough
embrace the constraints : not enough time, money, experiene; it forces you to make it with what you have . focus on the essential, and forces you to be creative.
So sacrifice some of your darling for the greatest good. Cut your ambitions in half. You re better off with a kickass half than a half assed whole.
Les musiciens, les ecrivains, ... les mails, on fait tojours cela pour un meilleur resultat. On garde le meilleur, l-essentiel
You can turn a bunch of great ideas into a crappy product real fast by trying to do them all at once. You cant just do everything you want to do and do it well.
You have limited time , resources, abilities and focus. It is hard enough to do one thing right.
you can always add on stuff later on
The place you should begin is the MUST. Meme si j-ai plusieurs activites , je ne dois pas aller au max de chacune, il est mieux de faire l essentiel des differents axes que rien du tout, si l-idee est importante
The question is : If I take that off, will my idea still work 1
Launch it NOW
Impose yourself a deadline and get to the essentials. STOP the habit of pushing the deadline. The deadline will shout what is not necessary
dont wait to have all things done. Finishing things later may be a good way to have it done better.
Once the product does what it needs to do get it out.
Attention aux documents a courte duree de vie. Mieux vaut se mettre a l-ouvrage du concret.
Quelle est la facon la plus simple de faire passer une idee (spec ou autre chose) ? aller dans le plus proche du concret
it's easy to confuse enthusiasm with usefulness
nothing meaningfull happens when you always get interrupted
set the must objectiv of the day and set the time apart to do it. One must per day
quick wins
faire le travail par livrable; an achievement is done. find out those small victoriees
prepare a few hours a week for quick wins
quand une tache prend trop de temps reflechir si elle en vaut toujours la peine... mene si bcp de temps a ete investi
go to sleep
le manque de sommeil detruit, l-humeur la creativite, empeche de trouver la solution qui permet de gagner du temps
estimer le temps c'est planifier chaque sous tache
les listes
plutot que d'avoir une liste de 100 choses a faire, faire 10 liste de 10 choses c-est mieux pour le moral
pour les grandes decision, est il possible d-y aller par etapes, avec des petites decisions
you have a good idea, park it for a few day and go back to it
communication, quand le discours est trop polished, ca perd du vrai truc. Reveal things people are unwilling to discuss.
Say no by default
you rearely regret it
you get at ease with it
people understand if you say why
Everything you do is marketing
phone conv.
Tell someone about my life/private or anything
who get hired
they dont need direction they directly do what the boss wants, what is good for the company. Everything is aimed at that
when something goes wrong you better tell the story , or someone else will. and create opportunity for rumours etc...Be concerned about the fate of the recipient(s)
Reply fast to any message and give update even if there is none. Most important is that people know you remember, you care.
let me do some research and get back to you.
say I'm sorry
never add > sorry if...
it gives detail about what happened and what you are going to do about it to make things right.
how would I feel about my apology
Unpleasant change communication
it is normal that people complain about change. Let the a little while to get used to it before getting back or correcting. Nous sommes des personnes d'habitudes
Decisions are temporarz
Optimize for now and worry about the future later. sometime the future problem will never happen and you spendt time
don't use buzz words, stay real
replace transparent by being honest
If you are inspired on a Friday work all the night /we because inspiration get things done
Quelle est ma plus value
Vs automatisation future
Vs autre personne/ collègue
Si je pars que manque t - il ?
Déléguer ce qui peut être fait par d'autres
Gestion des tâches
Livrable direct
Chaque prise de noté un output pour le client Au moins réutilisable.
sujet simple = directement dans resultat final. Selon interlocuteur, certains sont destructure, pas les coincer dans ma structure. Client plus déstructurée BA/Pl Structurée
Détailler tâche autant que possible, permet de se mettre lus facilement à l'action : prémacher le travail .
Au minimum : Sujet verbe complément
Gestion des mails
Définir quotidiennnement des heures précise pour gérer les mails (1h),
faire pendant heures agitées, avec peu de concentration
Après midi quand la fatigue etc...
But : Planifier dans le temps et classer.
Pastille tâche
Rouge, Orange, Jaune, Gris
Gérer les activités selon heures efficientes
Tâches brain-less pendant les heures de fatigue
formulaire de bila
mail débrousaillage
Rangement tiroirs
Initialisation de BUC+capitaliser MXC etc...
heure efficiente pour tâche A/B
de 7-11:30
Prévoir 1h en fin de journée pour planifer la journée du lendemain (ce sera 30 min)
Attention à émotionnel VS planning. Càd faire ce qui est
le plus facile
le plus vite fait
procrastiner l'important
Oser dire pas maintenant et proposer de rappeler plus tard
Risque de faire D'abord ce qui est urgent avant ce qui est important !!!
D'abord ce que d'autres nous imposent avant ce que nous avons choisi
D'abord se débarrasser du problème plutôt que le régler
_Risque de m'éparpiller et devenir spécialiste de Rien
Ne pas prendre la "responsabilité" du problème des autres. Ils ont trop coincé donc ça devient mon problème.
Pas dire oui tout de suite pour une tâche
Théorie à garder en tête lors de planification
60% des tâches d'une journée sont planifiée, 40% imprévues = ne pas booker 100% (planifier l'imprévu les 40%)
Pareto : Quels sont les 20% qui permettront de donner satisfaction au mandant (pas à moi, ce qui serait bien !!!)
Finir une tâche A/B s'est s'assuré la satisfaction personelle (et mandant)
Faire les bonnes choses avant des faire bien les choses !!! (mandant first)
Loi Carlson : Tout travail interrompu sera moins efficace et prendra plus de temps que s'il est fait de façon continue
Loi de Parkinson : Plus on a de temps plus on prend de temps pour faire tâche
Loi d'Illich : Au delà d'un certain temps passé sur tâche on devient improductif
Risque de perfectionnisme, bugger sur détail
Loi de Swoboda - Fliess - Teltscher
Etre attentif à ses bio-rythmes. Quand sommes nous le plus productifs ?
Tâches ABC
Tâches A(essentielles)
Peut-être fait que par personne concernée, tâche indispensable
Tâche B (importantes)
importantes, mais pouvant être déléguées
Tâches C (accessoires)
moindre valeure.
Exemple : routine, paperasse, coup de fil, classement
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