National Lazy Day

National Lazy Day
In today’s plugged-in world, we often find ourselves wishing for a day when we didn’t have to do anything.Let’s put a stop to that. August 10 is the day to do it. Or not do it.
The Seventh Day
God rests
After creating everything in six days, even the Creator found time for a lazy day. You should, too.
Irving publishes "Rip Van Winkle"
Washington Irving's character Rip Van Winkle wasn't lazy per se. But he did drink some booze and sleep for 20 years. Homeboy even missed the American Revolution!
The leisure class is born
Used to be that only the wealthy could afford to do nothing. But in the middle 1800s, working classes began to enjoy a measure of financial security that allowed them to have lazy days.
Linklater releases "Slacker"
Richard Linklater's film follows a bunch of people whom film critic Peter Travers described as "a generation of bristling minds unable to turn their thoughts into action." You know — lazy people.
We did nada.
In honor of future National Lazy Days, we wrote this without doing any difficult research. Salute!
National Lazy Day Activities
Plan something (and by something — we mean nothing)
Don't plan anything. Be lazy. Wake up. Then go back to bed. Then get out of bed. Or stay there. Just don't do anything. It's National Lazy Day! Enjoy!
Find a lazy river upon which to float lazily.
Park yourself inside a cushy inner tube and let the river take you downstream.
Turn your phone off.
Although sitting around doing nothing but checking our phones for text messages or Facebook notifications may seem like a lazy thing to do%2c it's not. It's far too active a thing for National Lazy Day.
3 Facts About Laziness
Oscar Wilde admired lazy people
Or at least his characters did — with one of them opining that "to do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world%2c the most difficult and the most intellectual."
Sloths aren't lazy
They've just evolved to conserve energy. (Still%2c they move so slowly that algae has time to grow on their fur%2c turning them green and providing a measure of camouflage in the trees.)
You can't be lazy if you like etymology
The origin of the word "lazy" is uncertain%2c but it likely derives from the Middle Low German word "lasich%2c" which meant%2c well%2c lazy.
Why People Love National Lazy Day
We're exhausted
This is a go-go-go world and we're constantly go-go-going. We need a day to do nothing%2c and we aim to do it — with as little effort as possible.
It's good for us.
Science and medicine all point to the same conclusion: We work too hard for too long. National Lazy Day reminds us to step back%2c take a deep breath and just be alive and lazy for once.
We can reconnect.
Observing National Lazy Day means we can reconnect with the things we love — like our families and the great outdoors. Just be sure that — whether you're with family or outside in nature or both — you don't actually do anything. Just. Be. Lazy. For once in your life.
The National Lazy Day Dates
10 Aug 2020, Monday
10 Aug 2021, Tuesday
10 Aug 2022, Wednesday
10 Aug 2023, Thursday
10 Aug 2024, Saturday