National Son and Daughter Day

National Son and Daughter Day
National Son and Daughter Day is celebrated annually on August 11. This love-centric family holiday (which we’re sure has gained the approval of both Gloria Steinem and Smokey Robinson, as you’ll see) reminds us to take a step back from the whirlwind of paying the bills, surviving the maelstrom of current events, and meeting what seem to be thousands of daily obligations, and spend time with our children.
The population at large may already be familiar with similar holidays like Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and Father-Daughter Day, the former instituted in part by the Ms. Foundation for Women and its founder, journalist Gloria Steinem, and the latter the result of an effort on musician Smokey Robinson’s part to stay close to his six daughters no matter what.
All the way back to 1930s Missouri, where a gentleman of the town of St. Joseph took up a young boy’s cause when the boy complained that his mom and dad each had a “Day,” so why shouldn’t he? The man was convinced and gradually the idea caught on, its popularity ebbing and flowing over the years, until the 1970s.
The next reference of National Son and Daughter Day is in the Nanaimo Daily News. The Canadian publication, found in the British Columbia region, referenced the day in 1988.
“Where’s Ours?”
We’re sure that it was soon after the first official Father’s Day and Mother’s Day (1910 and 1914, respectively) that boys and girls got an idea of their own…
Dusenberry Does It
Reputedly, although as noted above, research sources are lacking, St. Joseph, Missouri resident J. Henry Dusenberry got the wheels turning for sons and daughters in St. Joseph, MO.
Answering the Question, “Why College?”
Working parents began to observe the new Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, with participants numbering in the millions upon millions.
Girls Are as Important as Boys Are
Paralleling National Son and Daughter Day with his hard-earned wisdom that, “… all parental relationships are important to the healthy development of children,” but emphasizing the father-daughter bond, Smokey Robinson nationally publicizes Father — Daughter Day.
Relative Celebrate Days
8th May, Parents Day
A day for South Koreans to honor their parents with public events and celebrations being held.
South Korea
1st Jun,World Childrens Day
A day to raise awareness of the welfare of children throughout the world.
28th Aug, Grandparents Day
A day where Mexican’s honor all of their grandparents and everything they have done for their family.
National Son and Daughter Day is, of course, for spending time with your sons and daughters. It’s tradition to do something as a family that you all enjoy doing. It could be going out for dinner, going to the movies, or going for a hike, it all depends on what your family likes to do.
Facts About the Families
83 Million – Families in the U.S.
3.14 – The size of the average family in the U.S.
3.79 Million – Number of babies born each year in the U.S
40% – First-time parents who would prefer to have a son
28% – First-time parents who would prefer to have a daughter
32% – First-time parents who have no gender preference for their baby
69% – Children under 18 living with two parents in the U.S.
29.5 – Average age of the American man when he first marries
27.4 – Average age of the American female when she first marries
51% – Children in the U.S are born male
National Son and Daughter Day Activities
Take the day off
Depending on your particular workload%2c you might feel like you work more than you get to spend time with your family. To celebrate National Son and Daughter Day%2c try using up some of that paid time off or even take a sick day so you can do something fun with the kids. This is a day for quality time.
Make a special treat
It doesn't have to be a sugary snack or a messy project%2c either. You know what your children love to eat and chances are there's even a favorite food that you can make together at home. Some fun and relatively healthy make-at-home snacks include tacos%2c peanut butter crackers or veggies and ranch dip. You could even go all-out with your kids and teach them to make a favorite dinner or opt for a treat with less cleanup and let the kids pick a restaurant for a special night out.
Spend time with your children
Whether your children are youngsters at home or adults on their own%2c Son and Daughter Day is a great reminder to make time in your life to stay connected. Take your children out to a movie%2c meet up for a stroll through the park or sit down around the dinner table and really listen to what they have to say. Sometimes the best way to say "I love you" is by being available and letting the youngsters take the lead. Whatever your children like to do%2c you can rock this holiday by showing up with your natural excitement for their successes.