Freedom Fast Lane

Lead Magnet
1. Create Simple DoubleOptin Page
2. Create Fulfillment Download Page
3. Link Fulfillment Page to Trip Wire
4. Add subscriber to Bonding Sequence
5. Activate Retargeting for TripWire Page
6. BONUS: Click & Mortar Gold Rush by
"email only" to guaratee email confirmation
Trip Wire
1. Make Prospects Become
Buyers w/ Irresistible Offer
2. Overdeliver (w/ bonus video)
3. Upsell to Main Product (etycoon Course)
4. Retarget to Main Product (etycoon Course)
5. Followup Email Sequence to Promote Main
Product (etycoon Course)
Main Product eTycoon ($97)
1. Standard $97 Product As Investing Course
2. Include Lump Sum Profits & Advanced LSP
3. Reposition Training as 4 Modules Inside FFL Members Area
4. Really Overdeliver for just $97 with LSP, Extra
Paydays, and Advanced LSP.
Continuity Program Freedom Fast Lane
1. Get users into FFL Monthly at $97/month
2. Regular followups inviting to see reports
3. Follow up pointing to good blog posts
4. Retargeting to FFL events & Special offers
Profit Maximizers
1. Flip Finder Program 1st Upsell ($197)
2. Lump Sum Tycoon ($67) Downsell
3. Millionaire Mentoring ($197)
4. Three Pillars Profits ($197)
5. Six Figure Blogging ($97)
6. Retargeting to Upsells that
were NOT purchased.
7. Add LSP Upsells into FFL
as unlockables inside eTycoon.