Huckleberry Finn Map of Events

Chapter 10
Title: What Comes Of Handlin' SnakeSkin
Point: This chapter shows up Huck should start respecting others' beliefs, and that he should be more careful with his pranks.
Central Line: "when Jim flung himself down on the blanket while I struck a light the snake's mate was there, and bit him." huck's prank was putting snake skin in Jim's blanket, which attracted anotger snake.
Chapter 11
Title: They Are After Us
Central Line: "I roused him out and says: 'Git up and hump yourself, Jim! There ain't a minute to lose. They're after us!' "
Point: This chapter shows us that Huck is selfless, as he feels bad to make pap and Jim suspects, he would rather go back to his father than have innocent person blamed.
Chapter 8
Title: I Spare Miss Watson's Jim
Point: I think the point of this chapter is to show us, the readers, that even though Huck is not religious, he believes in some superstitions.
Chapter 9
Title: The House Of Death Floats By
Central Line:" 'Jim, this is nice,' I says. 'I wouldn't want to be nowhere else but here.' "
Point: The point of this chapter is to show that Huck should respect others' point of view. Also that, even though Jim is a slave, he can still have friends.