Media Literacy Profile of a Media Literate person

Media Literacy Profile of a Media Literate person
Knows how to empathize
Is able to write different types of content,
utilizes appropriate language and structures
according to needs
Is familiar with social media and networking
tools from delicious, to Digg, StumbleUpon,
Facebook, Myspace and Twitter
Has developed a network of
independent news sources to tap into
Understands the concept of subjective reality,
personal perception, and multiple viewpoints
Knows How to Search for
specific information on the
Uses daily new media communication
technologies for publishing such as Blogs
and RSS
Knows how to use basic new media
communication technologies like digital
cameras, camcorders, YouTube, Flickr and so
Understands mainstream media and the owners,
motives and business interests behind it
Asks lots of questions always
Understands how media works
Understands Basic One-to-One
Interpersonal Communication
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