Jason Leigh uh Manoa

Projects 33 points
Project 1 10 points
Individual project
Project 2 10 points
Individual project
Project 3 13 points
Design your own project as a team
Choose your own team members
Previous Projects
Lab Assignments 30 points
15 lab assignments
Solving small problems by writing code
Extending lecture examples
Commenting code segments
Tracing code segments
2 points each starting 1st week of class
Tues labs will have a
miniassignment that must be
turned in
for points. One will be due at the beginning of
lab for 1 point, and the other will be due at the
end of lab for 1 point.
The first miniassignment will be sent out in
advance of the lab and you will complete it as
Achievement Quizzes 42 points
14 Achievement quizzes will be given (1 per week)
First quiz will be given on the 1st week of class on Thurs
3 points each
Quizzes are intended to make sure you have the must basic ability
to use the concepts you learned in Java so that you arenʻt an embarrassment
to your team mates.
If you miss a quiz there is no retake.
Main Quiz Topics
Quiz 1
Math quiz
Quiz 2
what does the java compiler produce
basic types int, float, String
How do you print something on the screen
Quiz 3
If statement
do loop
some variable math questions
Quiz 4
While loop
If statement
Increment with ++
Quiz 5
Declaring a class
Making a class object
Calling a class member function
Quiz 6
For loop
Declaring a class
Making a class object
Calling a class member function
Quiz 7
Switch statement
Scanner read from command line / string parsing
Quiz 8
Nested for loop
Quiz 9
static final members
scope rules (not public/private/protected etc..)
Quiz 10
File reading and writing
Quiz 11
ArrayList, Integer, Float types
Quiz 12
2D arrays
Quiz 13
Public, Private, Protected
Quiz 14
All quizzes are closed book. Eclipse may not be used during the
Final Exam 5 points
1 take home
Extra Credit
Extra credit is already built into your grade.
What if I Miss a Lab or Quiz?
See "How to Compute Your Grade"
How to Compute Your Grade
You will notice the points add up to 110.
Your grade maxes out at 100 points. The 10 points are free extra credit points
that is given to all of you at the beginning of class that make up for missed
quizzes or labs or any other random acts of life. If your final grade is on the
edge of a letter grade do not ask for any extra credit work. None will be given
as you already have 10 free extra points.
On Laulima if you get 100 points it is computed as 90.9% (100/110
= 90.9%) which is considered an A+. See below for full grade scale.
A+ = 100/110 = 90.9%
A = 95/110 = 86.4%
A = 90/110 = 81.8%
B+ = 87/110 =79%
B = 83/110 = 75%
B = 80/110 = 72.7%
C+ = 77/110 = 70%
C = 73/110 = 66.4%
C = 70/110 = 63.6%
D+ = 67/110 = 60.9%
D = 63/110 = 57.2%
D = 60/110 = 54.5%
F = Anything below a D
The Labs
Installing and setting up Java and Eclipse
Bring your laptop to every class and every lab
Tues: Graded Lab miniassignment
Thurs: Help on projects, then Graded Quiz & review
Login into your lab account
No food or drink allowed in labs
No unplugging equipment in labs
Anyone caught doing it will be dismissed from lab and given ZERO
points for their lab session that day.
Handing In Projects
Projects will be handedin by uploading to Laulima under the
ASSIGNMENT by the deadline indicated for the assignment.
Every project will have milestones with due dates for them.
Late work is accepted up to a week late but a 50% penalty will be
An assignment is considered late if the
submission time is registered by Laulima as 1
minute past due date and time. No Exceptions.
Any subsequent RESUBMISSION of the assignment
past the due date is considered a late submission
even if the original submission was submitted on
To upload your project
Go to your project folder and zip everything up into a single
Zip file. Make sure all sound files and images are included as well as a copy of EZ.java and all other java files you wrote.
Additional Assistance
Code Academy
ICS Open Labs
Mondays: 9am9pm
Tuesday, Thursdays: 6pm 9pm
Weds, Fridays: 7:30pm9;m
Learning Emporium
Bilger Addition 209
TuesFri: Noon 2pm
Class Location & Time]
ARCH 205
Monday and Wednesday at 9:00a10:15a