Informal Email Phrases

Informal Email Phrases
Closing formula
See you soon.
Take care,
Hope to hear from you soon.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.
It was really great
reading about ...
hearing from you.
Attaching files
I’m ...
attaching the document you have asked for.
sending you the holiday photos.
Apologizing |
I apologize for ...
the delay.
the bad behaviour of my sister.
I’m sorry for the trouble I caused.
I’m sorry, but I can’t make it to the meeting.
I promise it won’t happen again.
I’m sorry to say that ...
you’re late with the ...
I've lost the book you gave me last weekend.
I hope you won’t mind me saying that ...
the place you’d recommended to us wasn’t
as nice as we’d expected.
the bike I bought from you last week
isn't any good.
Offering help |
Giving information
Do you need a hand with ...
doing the shopping?
moving the furniture?
How about ...
I come and help you out?
a cup of tea in the afternoon?
I’m happy to tell you that ...
I've finally passed my exams.
John and I are getting married next month.
I’m sorry, but I can’t ...
come on Friday.
make it tomorrow.
Asking for information
Can you call me asap? (as soon as possible)
I was wondering if you could ...
come and see me sometime next week.
Would you mind ...
coming over to help me clear up the place?
showing me ...
telling me ..
Reason for writing |
Thanks for your e-mail, it was ...
to hear from you.
I wanted to ...
Just a quick note to ...
ask you if …
invite you to …
let you know that ...
tell you about ...
tell you that …
This is to ...
Hi Dennis,
Hello Claire,
Dear Mum,
54 1