Rick Hansen Map

How to physically change
your brain for maximum success
Self Directed
Our Mind/Thoughts -->
Change the
Brain/neuronal wiring -->
Which changes our
Our experiences change the structure of
the brain
We need to train our attention to focus on
the right experiences
The more we repeat our thoughts (with
emotions) the more we rewire our brain
Learn to Train your
attention on what you
Meditation is the key
Ref: The mind and the brain by Jeffrey
Ref: Train your mind Change your brain
Managing the Nervous
System for peak performance
We need an optimum level of
stress for peak Performance
That can be attained through managing
the PNS and SNS
What to do if you are underperforming
because of too little stress?
Activate your Sympathetic Nervous System
For a short duration
Use rituals like Athletes do
Physical Movement
Using words
Body Language
Intensify your motivation
Why are you doing this?
What to do if you are underperforming
because of too much stress
Because Sympathetic Nervous Systems
(SNS) is hyper
Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous
System (PNS)
PNS activation is needed for relaxation
Breathing Pattern
In to the count of 4
Out to the count of 8
Activates the PNS
Performing Under Pressure
Upside of Stress
Relaxation Response