Sophie's World Themes

Chapter 1
Sophie Amundsen finds a
small letter in her mailbox
that asks the question
"Who are you?"
She can't explain this.
She contemplates this, then goes toreturd the
letter to the mailbox where she finds another
one that asks "Where does the world come
Even if God created the universe, he himself
must have come from somewhere
Sophie contemplates the concept of life
and death.
"You can't experience being alive without
realizing that you have to die, she thought.
But it's just as impossible to realize you
have to die without thinking how incredibly
amazing it is to be alive."
Sophie also finds a postcard from
Lebanon addressed to Hilde Knag.
It wishes a happy birthday to Hilde, and tells
her that he is sending this card through Sophie.
There is no Hilde Knag in the phonebook.
Chapter 2
Sophie turns down the invitation to play
with Joanna
She does'nt tell anyone about the letters.
When she gets home from school the next
day she finds another letter written to her,
describing philosophy
The letter says that philosophy is one of the
most important parts of our lives.
Attempting to understand our role in society
is a good excercise.
There are not many philosophical
questions, but there are many ways to
answer each one.
After reading that letter she goes back to
the mailbox and finds yet another letter.
To be a philosopher, all you need is the
capacity to wonder.
"The only thing that we require to be good
philosophers is the faculty of wonder."
The writer of the letters NEVER wants
Sophie to lose her sense of wonder.
Sophie then tries to discuss philosophy with
her mom, but it only leads her to question
whether of not Sophie has been doing
Chapter 4
Sophie ponders philosophy
Her mom finds another letter and thinks it is
a love letter so Sophie lets her think that to
keep her privacy.
There are three letters.
"Is there a basic substance that everything
is made of?"
"Can water turn into wine?"
"How can earth and water produce a live
Chapter 3
After school the next day Sophie finds a letter
from her dad, working far away, and then
another on philosophy.
The philosophical letter describes the time
leading up to western philosophy.
People explained things through myths.
Greek philosophers questioned these myths
Sophie realizes that these ideas, the myths
are not so stupid after all, and if she didn't
have her own explanations already, she
would have made up stories to explain them
as well.