MILLIONAIRE SUCCESS HABITS - The Gateway to Wealth and Prosperity

The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity
1. Figure out your "Why" and the rest will follow
2. Ban the villain within from stopping you
3. Swap your stories for better ones
4. Get confident and then stay confident
5. Make a personal "Don't Do" list
6. Learn how to bounce back from setbacks
7. Learn how to market and sell effectively
8. Get to understand people
9. Manage people's feelings after they say "Yes"
10. Be happy no matter what happens
11. Apply the best success hacks there are
12. Make it your habit to learn and do
13. Apply all the best productivity hacks as well
Figure out why you crave success and you will stop wasting time on thingswhich don't help.
Inside all of us are self-doubts. You'll feel like you're not worthy. Expose and ban that villain.
Have a back story for your life which is the wind for your sails, not an anchor.
Awaken your inner superhero and let him or her take charge. That will change everything.
Have one shining goal that you're going after and be prepared to say "No" to everything else.
You're going to have setbacks. They're inevitable. What counts is how you bounce back.
To achieve anything great, you've got to learn how to market and sell ethically and persuasively.
To really excel at sales, learn how to understand people and empathize with them. This is key to your success.
Make sure people have a positive experience after they buy and you will sell lots more.
People assume if they find success, happiness will follow. Not true. Don't neglect your happiness.
Incorporate success hacks into your habits, daily routines and life. They work and have an impact.
Learning the success habits is great but applying them is even better. Go and do.
The greatest success habit of all is to figure out how to be more productive so you can get more stuff done.
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