THE ALTER EGO EFFECT - The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life

The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life
Superman had it right. He would walk into a phone booth as Clark Kent and emerge as the Man of Steel. Then, after the danger was passed, he would go back to his everyday life as a mild-mannered reporter. It turns out the best-of-the-best in professional sports often do something similar. Many of them leave themselves on the sideline and step onto the field of play with an "Alter Ego" – a secret identity they act out or a persona that helps them unleash everything they have with confidence and poise.
1. Background
1. What exactly is an AE?
2. Why use an AE?
3. Ordinary vs. Superpowers
Having an Alter Ego (AE) or Secret Identity is great because when you need to make the switch from normal everyday life to a high performance situation, your AE can be the doorway. Adopting the persona of your AE can provide a sense of calm and heightened levels of performance. It can provide and deliver a clear image of what's needed to perform and win whatever your field. A good AE can and will bring your superpowers to life.
2. Activation
4. Moments of impact
5. The enemy's impact
6. The power of your story
To activate your Alter Ego, start by defining your ideal final outcome and then work backwards from there to build a strategy and a plan to reach that goal. Position yourself to leave your ordinary world and enter a world of your own creation where you have superpowersby focusing on the key Moments of Impact that count, identifying the precise behaviors and actions you need to change, anticipating where the enemy will attack and then developing a narrative or story which works.
3. Using an AE
7. Define your superpowers
8. Breathe life into your AE
9. Activating your AE
Once you decide on the Extraordinary World your Alter Ego will live in, you then work at becoming so emotionally connected to what you want that nothing else matters. When this becomes the core purpose of your existence, you can create an Alter Ego to go on a quest to enter that Extraordinary World. Emotions are the key to benefitting from an Alter Ego and the stronger the better.