COMPANY OF ONE - Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business

Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing in Business
1. Start small
2. Define growth
3. Keep learning
A company of one is a business that questions growth. Instead of automatically chasing growth by hiring more employees and taking more risk, you focus instead on getting progressively smarter, more efficient and more resilient over time. If you plan on staying small forever, you can then focus on growing your revenues without growing your head count. It can be done.
To succeed and ultimately excel as a Company of One, you need the right mind-set and a real underlying purpose that resonates with you. Pure and simple, your purpose is how you put your personal values into action in your business and career. If you can run your businesses so that it aligns with your purpose rather than blindly chasing growth, not only will the right customers respond but you'll get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of what you achieve. Define growth as doing more of what counts.
Today's consumers have got an array of tools they can use to let others know about their customer experience in dealing with you. To accommodate that, you have to build transparency and trust into the way you build your Company of One right from the start. You also have to keep launching new ideas and iterating with customer feedback all the time. You never learn anything until you launch and see what your customers say so keep learning how to better serve.
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