THIS IS MARKETING - You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn To See
Step #1 – Invent something worth selling and talking about
Step #2 – Design and build it in a way which hugely benefits your tribe
Step #3 – Tell a story which aligns with the narrative of your tribe
Step #4 – Spread the word about the results you're getting for your tribe
Step #5 – Keep showing up and adding massive value for your tribe
Marketing rises or falls on what you do and how you do it. The only sustainable way to market anything is to create a culture of people who are in sync and getting results. Start with acknowledging the reality that you cannot change everyone and therefore you have to ask: "Who's this for?", "What's it for?" and "What change will I help them get?"
Empathy is at the heart of marketing. You have to obsess over what "better" looks and acts like for your tribe. Better is what your market is waiting for and actually craves so figure out how you can make things better for those you seek to serve and how you can take them there and your marketing tactics will become obvious.
People always act in ways which are consistent with the narrative they tell themselves. Therefore, to sell something, you've got to make change not only possible but desirable and the best way to do that is to use people's desires to fit in and belong. Build the change you want people to make into the culture and narrative of your tribe.
Earn the trust of the people you want to market to by taking action with your tribe. Talk about the results you're generating for your tribe and do so consistently and frequently. Trust is as scarce as attention in today's world but focus on getting great results for your tribe and the word will spread. Build a showcase for your story and your best ideas.
Nothing beats frequency when you're trying to achieve credibility and trust. Earn permission and trust by showing up again and again and by treating your tribe with generosity. Create a product or service worth talking about, deliver it to your tribe and make a difference and you have a story worth telling. Make something you're proud of and make your tribe remarkable.
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