YOUR NEXT FIVE MOVES - Master the Art of Business Strategy

Master the Art of Business Strategy
Move #1 – Master knowing yourself
Move #2 – Master the ability to reason
Move #3 – Master building the right team
Move #4 – Master strategy to scale
Move #5 – Master making power plays
Knowing yourself is rarely talked about in business circles, but it's impossible to think ahead without self-awareness. Once you definitively decide who you want to be, which direction to take will become much more clear, as well as why it matters.
How to process issues, and having a methodologyfor making decisions are important. No decision is ever black-and-white,and if you can learn to see all the shades of gray, that will help you move forward decisively, even in the face of uncertainty.
To build the right team around you, it's vital that you get to understand others. If you help people find the best in themselves, you can build a team that will help you grow. Ask questions, challenge your people to understand themselves, and build trust in your team.
Ideally, you want to spark exponential growth. Learn how to raise capital, invest in rapid growth, and create systems which will allow you to gain and maintain momentum. Tracking and constantly measuring the key parts of your business model is required.
Everyone wants to beat the Goliath in your industry, and if you do that it will be great for your reputation and future operations. Learn how to control your narrative and leverage social media productively to frame your story. Always keep thinking five moves ahead.