DIE WITH ZERO - Getting All You Can From Your Money and Your Life

Getting All You Can From Your Money and Your Life
Rule #1 – Maximize positive life experiences
Rule #2 – Invest in experiences early
Rule #3 – Aim to die with zero
Rule #4 – Use all available planning tools
Rule #5 – Give money to kids/charity early
Rule #6 – Don't live life on autopilot
Rule #7 – Plan in terms of seasons
Rule #8 – Know when to stop
Rule #9 – Take big risks early, not later
Don't wait until you retire to start doing stuff you like. Start actively having the life experiences you want to have now. Have lots of meaningful and memorable experiences.
Your life is the sum of your experiences, and when you look back you'll remember the richness of those experiences. Plan the experiences you want to fit in and start now.
Ideally, you should aim to die with zero – having spent your money on having great personal experiences, taking care of your family, and leaving a legacy. That's the aim.
You don't know exactly when you will die, but there are tools available which will give you a rough idea of what your life expectancy is. Use those tools as part of your planning.
Give your children whatever you have allocated for them before you die. There's no point in waiting until you're gone. That way you can give when it has the most impact on their lives as well.
There are no universal laws when it comes to personal finance and balancing competing demands. Don't live on autopilot, be prepared to make constant, personalized changes.
We all die eventually, and you'll pass through several stages or seasons before then. Make sure you plan your experiences accordingly, rather than blithely assuming you'll go forever.
There is an optimal point at which you should stop working for maximum lifetime fulfillment. Figure out what that is before you blow right past it. Nobody on their death beds wishes they had spent more time at the office.
The younger you are, the more risks you should be taking, and the bolder you should be. Identify opportunities that pose little risk and go for it. You won't be able to do this once you get older.