DON'T BE A STRANGER - Create Your Own Luck in Business through Strategic Relationship Building

Create Your Own Luck in Business Through Strategic Relationship Building
Principle #1 – Keep it simple
Principle #2 – Don't be an empty suit
Principle #3 – Be intentional
Principle #4 – Understand the business cycle
Principle #5 – Move relationships forward
Principle #6 – Offer and also ask for help
Principle #7 – Be patient
Relationship building is not rocket science. Remember people like to buy from people they like and trust. Reach out to the people you know and stay in touch. It's easy.
Make sure you're incredibly good at what you do. You don't want people to remember you as an empty suit who was incompetent. Give people solid reasons to remember you.
If you're aiming to build relationships anyway, why not be intentional and do a great job of it? Becoming top of mind to more people means extending the life and career you have.
Touchpoints are helpful, but it's important that you move the new people you meet through the business cycle and reach a productive relationship. Use the cycle astutely.
Building genuine strategic relationships requires that you relate to the people you're bonding with. Don't be pushy, and let things develop at their own pace. Be intentional.
The best way to stand out, especially in a commodity market, is to form authentic, interesting and helpful relationships. Help people out and they will do business with you.
Never forget relationships take time to develop. Be patient, and continue to grow your strategic relationships, and trust that over the long haul good things will happen.