Facebook Marketing

How to master
FACEBOOK marketing
in 10 days
Some Basic info
by Andrea Vahi
Facebook has 800 million users
Not only small and medium businesses are here,
but alsoMany Fortune 500 firms too.
Create the business page
build brand loyalty
drive revenues higher
10 DAYS,
Day 1,
Watch & Learn
Find some pages of
competitors or big brands
Facebook search
some successful pages
in these articles:
The 100 Most Engaging Brands on Facebook
20 Examples of Great Facebook Pages
7 Awesome B2B Facebook Fan Pages
Jeff Bullas:
Top 10 Small Business Facebook Designs to Inspire You
Social Media Examiner:
Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages: 2011 Winners
Learn what?
Frequency and time of posting
What to post, and
Get the most interaction
How many people post, and
Average respose to a post
over a 7-day period
Are there Welcome tab or custom tab?
what the Welcome tab do? others?
Things isn't working, and idea.
Day 2,
Understand Facebook best Practices
successful brands on Facebook
don’t preach or sell to their fan base,
they engage with them.
Customers know when a salepeson is
being disingenuous or genuinely
Some good general rules
Post every day
Focus on engagement
Have a call to action
Don't Oversell or Undersell
Make it fun
Day 3,
Learn the Lingo
Application or "App" for short
Fan, Friend, Friend List, Group
Network, News Feed, Open Graph
Social Plugins, Tag, Ticker
Timeline, Wall
Some numbers
56% of consumers
likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan
78% of consumers
“Like” fewer than 10 brands
51% of consumers said
they are more likely to buy a product after “liking” the product on Facebook
Day 4,
Add your Page
this Page should
be a warm inviting place
for people to come
give potential Fans a clear picture on
what your business is about
the custom Tabs
Welcome tab
could be simple
introduce your business/brand
set Default landing tab for non-fans
key to welcome potential fans
Create your own iFrame application
Get from 3rd party
make Profile image
180 pixels wide
540 pixels tall
some Appls to
jazz up the page
RSS Graffiti
Fan of the Week
More at, www.Involver.com
61% of consumers interact with companies
on their social networks to receive discounts
Day 5,
Create a content Calendar
decide What and When to post
A yearly roadmap of special events
A weekly calendar to structure daily work
the community will know yr pattern
they will look forward to weekly events
help us to avoid duplication,
manage marketing activities.
55% of consumers follow companies on social networks
to receive general information
Day 6,
Understand Edgerank &
The art of Engagement
Facebook is a business,
like other content-driven journalistic enterprises
The more often you (or customers)
comment, click, like, and tag content,
the sharper your “edges” and
the more likely your content will
display in their news feeds.
three Attributes key to
EdgeRank of content
Affinity (popularity)
Weight (relevance)
Time Decay (timely)
gauge your page score
Great Content /= Success
Interaction is important
Day 7,
put on a Show
Facebook is all about Community
Plan some events to bring
yourself, product, and fans/friends together
Maybe need an app/plugin for video
to have live events
Or post questions directly to the Wall and
have the expert answer
Day 8,
And the winners is...
your business
Hold a contest maybe
Let them understand product more
People can express theirselves
There will be some winners
Attract more fans
Investigation is good too
Don't forget to:
Integrate and cross-promote
contest across marketing media
Give away prizes that are
relevant to brand and products
Read Facebook’s contest rules carefully!
73% of companies
think consumers are following them
to learn about their products
Day 9,
Run a Targeted Ad Campaign
Pay for click and
Set daily limits
Depends on audiences'
interest/demographics ect.
second type,
Sponsored Stories
re-post items that
mention your page/place/app.
typically be less expensive to run than
selecting the Facebook Ads for Pages radio button
can target ad to
fans, non-fans, friends of fans...
the ads won't cost very much
Day 10,
Gain some insights
Facebook’s analytic package
Some other free tools to
monitor brand online
Social mention
71% of companies think
consumers are following them on social networks
to receive general information
75 2