ALWAYS DAY ONE - How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever

How the Tech Titans Plan To Stay On Top Forever
The Day One Mindset – Introduction
The Day One Mindset – Three Rules
The Day One Mindset – Case Studies
The Day One Mindset – Leaders of the future
"Day One" at Amazon is code for keep inventing and acting like a startup. It's a healthy acknowledgment competitors can create new products at the speed of light so you'd better build for the future, even at the expense of your present products and services. If you look at all the big tech companies of today, all of them have survived by going back to Day One multiple times. It's the only way to stay on top.
The Day One mindset is to create a culture of building, creating and inventing. It's the way an engineer typically approaches work as opposed to a professional manager. It's not so much a matter of technical aptitude, but is more a distinctive wayof thinking. The Day One mindset has three main elements:
1. Practice democratic invention
2. Constraint-free hierarchies
3. Collaborate to invent
Two great case studies for the benefits of the Day One mindset are Apple and Microsoft. Apple is a good example of a company which was built for a visionary, but today lacks democratic invention, constraint-free hierarchy and free-flowing collaboration. As a result, it's currently stuck in Day Two. Microsoft, by contrast, went through an extended period in Day Two but is now led by a CEO who applies the Day One mindset and it shows. Microsoft is undergoing a new era of internal invention.
Once you learn the Day One mindset and see it in action, the first question which always comes to mind is what will this mean for the leaders of the future? As the economy enters an era that prioritizes invention and innovation, leaders are going to need to evolve from being dogmatic decision makers into highly collaborative facilitators. The era of not only capturing but executing on the best ideas from everyone in the organization is about to arrive. Leaders as facilitators – that's got to be a good thing.