Heat Flow
When an object gains or loses heat, its temperature changes.
Heat always flows from a hotter region to a cooler region.
Good And Bad Conductors Of Heat
Good Conductors
Poor Conductors / Insulators
Difference Between Heat And Temperature
-Heat is a form of energy but temperature is unit of measurement.
The higher the temperature of an object the hotter it is.
What is Heat?
Heat is a form of ENERGY that makes things hot.
Heat is NOT matter.
We cannot see heat but we can feel its effects.
Heat makes things hot. When an object is heated, the particles in the object move faster. The warmer the object becomes, the faster the particles move.
Heat flows from a higher temperature to a body of a lower one.
The Most Important Source of Heat
The Sun is the most importance source of heat for the Earth.
Heat from the Sun keeps us warm and is essential for living things to survive.
Without the Sun, the Earth would be too cold to support life.
Heat from the Sun is also essential to enable the water cycle to take place.
Common Sources Of Heat
Things that produce heat are known as sources of heat.
The Sun is the Earth's main source of heat.
Heat can also be obtained from burning fuels such as:
Petrol,diesel,kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are refined from petroleum.
natural gas
Nuclear power stations generate intense heat through nuclear fission and this heat changes water into steam. The steam drives turbines, which are linked to generators to produce electricity.
Many electrical appliances give off heat.
Most light sources are also sources of heat, such as candles and light bulbs.
Friction also produces heat.