THE VISION-DRIVEN LEADER - 10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business

10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business
1. Are you a leader or a manager?
2. What difference does vision make?
3. What exactly do you want?
4. Are you being clear?
5. Does it inspire?
6. Is it practical?
7. Can you sell it?
8. How will you overcome resistance?
9. Is it already too late?
Businesses need both leaders and managers to be successful, but leaders come first. Make sure you don't confuse the roles, and you have leaders that lead, not manage.
If leaders don't have a future focus, they will end up frustrating their teams and wasting resources. Be certain you don't hit the pitfalls of vision-deficient leaders.
Good leaders know the difference between mission and vision. Base your vision on the future of your team, your products, your sales and marketing efforts, and the impact you want to have in the world.
Clarity comes when your vision is concrete rather than abstract, your communication is explicit rather than implicit, and what's in your head is clear so you can communicate it.
Unless your vision fires the imagination of your people and makes them reach for the stars, it's not going to achieve much. Make sure you're aiming for something great.
A great vision has to guide your day-to-day actions. Make sure your vision includes a plan for who will do what, and how they will do it. You need to specify the focused effort needed.
A compelling vision will generate buy-in from key stakeholders. Craft a vision you can sell up the chain, down the chain, and right across your organization. Buy-in is required.
Every vision faces resistance. It's just part of the territory. Make sure you can keep pushing your vision with the tenacity, the integrity, and the courage whichwill be required.
It's not too late to become a vision-driven leader, even if your organization has never before had one. Push ahead with your new and compelling vision and succeed.
10. Are you ready?
There are opportunities in abundance to excel at the present time by being vision-driven and leading out. Ignite your inner JFK and get into action. You can do it, starting now.
The 10 Question Vision-Crafting System