Internal Sales Funnel

Internal Sales Funnel
Free Plus Shipping
FREE + $7.97 plus $97 month FC - this gives them access to the blog where they will get content and monthly interviews of students and private lenders
Product 1
Step by step video/Camtasia of manually finding private lenders
Manifesto - Myron to give me example via email
Flow Chart / Mind Map Of the Process
Product 2
Step by Step explanation of how a note works
product 3
25 Free Leads - no work from me
Needs to have Monthly call with Student via interview with student or a private lender
Need to create 15 blog posts
Have these hunted by stacy and then transcribed for me or re written
Q and A Call for Myron
To current list of buyers of FPLN and my IV list
Mid Level Product
Interview With Private Lender
Interviews with private lenders who I have worked with and what are they looking for and how they make decisions to lend to investors and why they don’t care about income assets or income because it is all about the deal structure – this should be 90 minutes…this should only be audio but should be transcribed
Interview Someone One Of Our Students
of one of our students who have used the product – I can do this with pat allard..can be just her or I can do 2-3 interviews for about 30 minutes a piece…this is just audio and is not transcribed
Canned Webinar Creation W Demo
Need to have 52 weeks of webinars recurring each thursday and Sunday
need to have yearly reminder set to create new webinars