Master Reader

Master Reader/Objectives
Ch. 1--Active Reading System
Personal Schedule
SQ4R Quiz
ARC MR Chs. 1 - 6
ARC MR Chs. 7 - 13
Chapter. 6--Outlining and Concept Mapping
Concept Maps Master Reader Chs. 1 - 6
Concept Maps Master Reader Chs. 7 - 13
Reading Log
Chs. 12 and 13--Argument
2.5 apply the critical reading strategies of bias, argument, and tone to selected reading texts.
Ch. 2 Vocabulary
2.4 use the dictionary, context clues, and word parts to develop his/her vocabulary.
Vocabulary Unit I--Skinny Book
Vocabulary Unit 3--Skinny Book
Vocabulary Unit 5--Skinny Book
2.3 determine the organizational patterns present in selected texts.
2.1 determine the topic, main idea, and supporting details from selected texts.
2.12 develop speed in reading.
Ch. 3 Main Idea
Newspaper Article
2.11 understand the difference between summaries, and personal responses, and write both.
Main Idea Test
Novel Review
Transition Word Assignment
Ch. 7 Transitions
Propaganda Exercise
Ch. 8 More Thought Patterns
Ch. 5 Supporting Details
Textbook Midterm
Instructions to be given during Week 7
Ch. 4 Implied Main Idea
Ch. 9 Fact Opinion
Ch. 10 Tone and Purpose
Ch. 11 Inferences
Tradebook Assignment--Study Guide
You are to complete only ONE Study Guide of the two books assigned
Throughout the WHOLE semester
Throughout the WHOLE semester