TINY HABITS - The Small Changes That Change Everything

The Small Changes That Change Everything
1. The Behavior Model
2. Behavior Design
Everyone knows you can change your life by changing your behaviors, but what is less well-known is there are really only three variables that drive all behaviors – motivation, ability, and prompts. Once you understand the Behavior Model, you can analyze why a behavior happened and what needs to change in the future. The model is a map to growing better habits.
The best way to modify your future behavior is always to start small – to take baby steps in the new direction – and then to use momentum to increase your motivation to continue that behavior in the future. If you start small and take advantage of the prompts which are already there, you can design new habits which help you achieve your goals, personal and professional.
The Model: B=M+A+P
The Approach
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2. Make it tiny
1. Specify a desired behavior
3. Find where it fits naturally
4. Nurture its growth