Relationship Tree Things Fall Apart

Relationship Tree: Things Fall Apart.
Gods, and ancestral statues.
Ekwensu: The evil spirit.
Ani: The Earth Goddess, priest
The Evil Forest
Oracle, and Priestess
Agbala: The oracle of the Hills and the Caves
Chika: The priestess whom Unoka asked for answers during his failure in crops.
Chielo: The priestess of Agbala, a widow with two kids
Chukwu: The god of everything on Earth.
Obu-agali-odu: An evil spirit that the tribe made, but was unable to control.
Mr. Brown: One of the first white missionary from England.
Nneka: The first women to convert into a christian followed by her husband, Amadi.
Akunna: A man who sent his son to Mr. Brown's school for converters.
District Commissioner: A racist authority figure of the white colonial government of Nigeria.
Mr. Kiaga: Another Missionary who is in charge of the infant congregation.
Ogbuefi Ugonna: A wealthy man who gave up two titles just to convert into a christian.
Reverend James Smith: Mr. Brown's successor.
Villagers from both Umuofia, and Mbanta.
Ogbuefi: The oldest member of the village.
Udo: A from the Umuofia clan, whose wife was killed by a member from the Mbanio clan.
Nwayieke: The woman known for cooking at night.
Mgbafo: The woman who ran away from her husband.
Uzowulu: Mgbafo's husband accuse of beating his wife.
Odukwe: Mgbafo's older brother.
Okagbue Uyanwa: The medicine man well known for his knowledges.
Idigo: A man who grinds good snuff, but recently fallen ill.
Amalinze the Cat: The great wrestler who has never lost a match for seven years, until Okonkwo defeated him.
Okafo and Ikezue: The leaders of the team who fought the last match.
Okafo's victory.
Nwakibie: The man who Okonkwo first worked for.
Anasi: Nwakibie's first wife, who wears an anklet for her husband's titles.
Okoli: The man who killed the scared python.
Enoch: rumors spread that he ate, and killed the scared Python.
Ogbuefi Ezuego: The noted orator of the village.
Ogbuefi Ndulue: The oldest man in the Ire village.
Okonkwo+Family+friend: Famous warrior of the Umuofia clan.
Unoka: Okonkwo's father, famous for being in debt to everyone, but a gifted, and gentle flute player.
Uchendu: Son of Unoka and brother of Okonkwo.
Akueni: The daughter who gave birth to twins, and had to have them thrown away.
Amiku: The youngest of Uchendu's five children.
Njide: Eldest daughter from Obodo
Nma: Okonkwo's first wife had two children with Okonkwo, but one boy was given to them by a neighboring village.
Nwoye: Okonkwo's oldest son, known for being weak, lazy, and always being beatean by Okonkwo. Resembles Okonkwo's father.
Obiageli : The first daughter of Nma, and Okonkwo.
Ekwefi: Second wife of Okonkwo.
Enzinma:The only surviving child of Okonkwo and Ekwefi, and Okonkwo's favorite.
Ojiugo: Okonkwo's third and youngest wife.
Nkechi:First daughter
Obigeli: Second daugther
Obierika: Okonkwo's loyal friend.
Iweka: Obierika's father
Machi: Obierika's older brother
Maduka: Obierika's son who won a wrestling fight with another boy.
Akueke: Obierika's daughter, Maduka's half sister.
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