Mental Illness

Mental Illness
Most Common Problems
- Depression
- Depression lowers your mood, and can make
you feel hopeless, worthless, unmotivated
and exhausted.
- Anxiety
- Anxiety can mean constant and unrealistic
worry about any aspect of daily life.
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessions are unwelcome thoughts, ideas or
urges that repeatedly appear in your mind.
Compulsions are repetitive activities that you
feel you have to do.
- Phobias
- A fear becomes a phobia when you have an
exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger
about a situation or object.
- Bi-Polar Disorder
- If you have bipolar disorder you will experience
swings in mood. During ‘manic’ episodes, you
are likely to display overactive excited
- Schizophrenia
- Schizophrenia is a controversial diagnosis.
Symptoms may include confused or jumbled
thoughts, hearing voices and seeing and
believing things that other people don’t share.
- Eating Disorders
- Eating disorders can be characterised by
eating too much, or by eating too little.
- Personality Disorders
- Personality develop as
people go through different experiences
in life, and as their circumstances
Common Behavior
- Self Harm
- Self-harm is a way of expressing very deep
- Panic Attacks
- These are sudden, unexpected bouts of
intense terror.
- Suicidal
- It is common to have suicidal
thoughts if you are experiencing
mental health
What is Mental Health?
- Mental health relates to our emotional
- Your mental health can affect your daily life,
relationships and even your physical health.
- Mental ill health feels just as bad, or worse,
than any other illness – only you cannot see it.
- Helping
- Interact with people every day
- Be Active
- Take notice of things around you
- Set yourself targets
- Talk and express how you are feeling
- Help from others
- Show
- Ask how you can
- Be Open minded,
Non-judgemental and Listen
- Have Trust and Respect between you both
- Don't just talk about mental health
- Treatments available to help relieve and help
- Medication
- Talking Therapies
- Talking (psychological) treatments can help
to overcome emotional difficulties and free
yourself from self-destructive ways of feeling,
thinking and behaving.
Reasons for Mental ill health?
- Difficult Family Backgrounds
- Stressful Life
- Your
- Genes
- Physical Health Problems
- Social Problems
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