Spain Builds an American Empire

Spain Builds an American Empire
Spain's influence Expands
Spain's American coloines helped
make it the richest,most powerful
nation in the world during much of
the 16th century.
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The Spanish strengthened their other
military forces, by creating a skillful and
determined army.
Before the Spanish built their empire on
the American mainland, they actually
settled in parts of the U.S.
They built a capital called
Santa Fe, or "Holy Faith".
Scatters Missions, forts, and small
ranches dotted the lands of New
Spanish Conquests in Peru
Fransico Pizarro marched a
small force into South
He Kidnapped the Incan ruler Atahualpa. He
had the Spaniards wait in an ambush to
crush the Incan force.
Atahualpa offerd to fill a room once with gold
and twice with silver in exchange for his
By the middle of the 16th century
Spain had created an American
The relationship between the Spanish
settlers and native women were in common
it created a large mestizo
Encomiendaa grant of land
made by Spain to a settler in
Spanish Conquests in
After colonizing several Caribbean islands,
the Spanish had turned their attention to
the American mainland
The Spanish were the first
European settlers in the
Cortes goes to the Aztec capitol of
Tenochtitlan. The Aztec emperor, Monetzuma II,
was convinced that Aztec was a god wearing
He agreed to give the Spanish explorer
a share of the empire's existing gold
In June 1520 the Aztecs
rebelled against the Spanish.
The Spanish struck back and conquered the Aztecs. The
Spanish had some advantages. 1Advanced Weaponry. 2-
Cortes inlisted the help of various native groups.
The Voyages of Columbus
October 12, 1492Columbus
thought he reached the
East Indies
Columbus called the surprised people who
greated him, los indios, which means
Columbus claimed the island for Spain and
named it San Salvador, which means Holy
In 1493 Columbus returned to Spain and
told of his journey. The men who funded his
trip agreed to fund three more.
He journeyed to the americas no
longer as an explorer, but as an empire
The spanish intended to transform the
islands of the Caribbean into colonies or
lands that are controlled by another nation.
Amerigo Vespucci returned to Europe and
claimed that the "land" was not part of Asia
but a new world. It was called America in his
In 1519 Ferdinand Magellan led an
exploration around the southern end of
South America and into the waters of the
Magellan reached the Philippines and
engaged in a civil war there and was
Out of Magellan's original crew only 18
men and one ship arrived back in Spain in